10 Nen Sakura Akb48 Scandal

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Se7en has released the music video teaser for his U.S. debut song “Girls,” which is expected to be available to the public on March 10, less than a week away. Famous rapper Lil Kim is featured in the music video, which so far has a preview of 35 seconds.

Everything you wanted to know about girls’ school uniforms in Japan
School uniforms bring back memories of our bitter-sweet childhood days. In Japan, however, they aren’t just clothes, they’re symbols of “seishun” (youth) and a big part of the country’s culture. Girls in Japan love their school uniforms, and.

AKB48 sister group HKT48 kicks off first national tour
HKT48, a sister group of mega-popular all-girl idol group AKB48, kicked off its first national tour ... was demoted and transferred to HKT48 due to her involvement in a dating scandal. She told reporters afterward: “I was quite anxious about the.

How Popular Are Anime Songs In Japan?
There are local R&B acts like SCANDAL, EXILE and Crystal Kay ... There's also, increasingly, a middle-ground between otaku-centric and mainstream music. AKB48 typifies this, where a song will go really big with the otaku crowd, but still draw enough.

Young Idol Date Scandal Ends In Resignation, Tears
Earlier this month, 56-year-old Sakura Wars co-creator Hiroji Oji was spotted staying over at 22-year-old AKB48 singer Sayaka Akimoto's residence. The scandal that ensued made the papers and the morning talk shows. Both denied that there was any hanky panky.