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AKB48 name new Janken tournament champion!
Or, if you’re like me… Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock) It’s like that, but more intense. More intense because in an AKB48 Janken Tournament, you have a solo debut on the line! And if you've already had your solo debut, you get a solo concert.

Japan's 97-year-old pop star
The troupe, who are from the remote, coral-fringed island of Kohama in Okinawa chose the name KBG84 because it is a play on the name of a teeny-bopper band called AKB48. The 33-strong band, whose average age is 84, have had a massive hit with their single.

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Why Japan’s Music Industry Is Booming… For Now
And girl group AKB48 had the top-five-selling singles of 2012 [the article ... It’s seen as the key to musicians’ and labels’ survival. Below is a YouTube playlist created by the industry association tasked with exporting Japanese music to the.

The 10 Most Popular Songs of 2015 That Weren’t in English
The first remarkable fact about AKB48 is that it has 140 members ... four letters in the title and was otherwise identical to a dozen other songs on the radio at the time. His 2014 comeback album, Sex and Love, stank of desperation (that’s music industry.

Kylie Minogue reveals video for cancer charity song Crystallize - watch
Kylie Minogue has revealed the video for her charity single 'Crystallize', part of fundraising campaign One Note Against Cancer. Fans were able to bid for individual notes of the song before the video was put together. The winning bidders all have their.