1st Single Akb48 Scandal

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Has Gesu no Kiwami Otome. Truly Been Canceled? - Arama Japan (press release) (blog)
First , there was the fallout from his affair with Becky, a story which dominated the first half of the year. Gesu no ... Enon doesn't learn from his mistakes, resulting in another scandal in the second half of the year, again involving his love life.

IOI defend Yoo Yeon Jung from all the hate she's been getting - allkpop
I also wonder if those same people realize that IOI only has 10 more months to go and are making it that much harder for them when they just newly debuted... Makes me want to throw all of you, every single hater, into a survival show and see just how.

DISH//「釣りバカ日誌」シーズン2も主題歌担当 6月発売の新曲「I'm FISH//」 - TOKYO POP LINE
ダンスロックバンド・DISH//の新曲「I'm FISH//」が、2017年4月からテレビ東京系にてスタートする、金曜8時のドラマ『釣りバカ日誌 Season2 新米社員 浜崎伝助』の主題歌に決定した。 DISH//としては2015年に連続ドラマとして放送された『釣りバカ日誌 新入社員 浜崎伝助』に&nbsp.

Cutting edge: K-pop band praise plastic surgery in new song - The Japan Times
SEOUL – Rounder eyes, narrower faces, bigger breasts: a South Korean girl band is celebrating the country's obsession with surgically enhanced beauty by going under the knife to praise the virtues of “Becoming Pretty.” All four members of obscure K-pop&nbsp.

SKE48珠理奈ユニットのMV公開、ニコ生特番で新曲続々初披露 - ナタリー
2015/11/25 on sale SKE48ユニット 1st . Single ラブ・クレッシェンド「コップの中の木漏れ日」MV(special edit ver.) Info. Shopping .... AKB48 グループドラフト会議の候補者決定: 2017年11月11日: 114 .... Find Your Beauty MAGAZINE×ナタリー RINA( SCANDAL ).

TMRevolution Cross-Dresses in Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Cosplay - Anime News Network
As a special New Year's gift to the 20,000 attendees, he dressed up as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and pulled off the entire dance performance for her first single "Tsukema Tsukeru." He later said, "I never imagined, when I made my debut, that I would be doing.

生田斗真×広瀬すず「先生!」主題歌にスピッツが淡く切ない純愛ソングを書き下ろし - TOKYO POP LINE
AKB48 EXILE SKE48 E-Girls HKT48 miwa AAA SUPER☆GiRLS Kis-My-Ft2 ももいろクローバーZ 9nine May J. Perfume ATSUSHI TAKAHIRO きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ JUJU トリンドル玲奈 BIGBANG Silent Siren ケツメイシ m-flo AI SPYAIR trf BiS SCANDAL Monkey&nbsp.

AKB48のコンサート〈AKB48 in TOKYO DOME~1830mの夢~〉がDVD&BD発売決定! - CDJournal.com
8月24日から26日の3日間、東京ドームで開催された AKB48 のコンサート〈 AKB48 in TOKYO DOME ~1830mの夢~〉がDVDとして11月28日に、 Blu-rayとして12月19日に発売されることが決定しました。 ... そして“ SINGLE SELECTION”は東京ドームで歌われた AKB48 のシングル曲を収録したベスト盤的作品となっており.

Japanese Pop Idol Shaves Her Head In SHAME After A Sex Scandal! - PerezHilton.com
As the 1st generation member of AKB48 , the group that has formed in 2005, it's my responsibility to always behave as a good role model to juniors. I deeply regret what I did this time. It was a thoughtless deed and I was completely lacking self.

秋元康プロデュース・22/7、 初ライブイベントでデビューシングル発売&アニメ化発表 - TOKYO POP LINE

Japanese pop star shaves head in penance for sex scandal
She said, "I don't believe just doing this means I can be forgiven for what I did, but the first thing ... must remain single and seemingly innocent, they wear provocative outfits and have been criticised for salacious lyrics. AKB48's music videos include.