Akb48 32nd single senbatsu sousenkyou

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Love Stage's Eiki Eiki, HKT48's Rino Sashihara Appear on Boys-Love Talk Program
Manga creators Eiki Eiki (Love Stage!), Tatsuya Egawa (Golden Boy), Mineo Maya (Patalliro!), editor Saki Fujita, and sociologist Dr. Akiko Mizoguchi will appear on NHK's "Sashipedia ~BL o Tansaku Seyo!" program on June 11 with host, HKT48 idol group member.

AKB48 Tops Billboard Japan's 2016 Artist Ranking: See the List
Billboard ... tracks by AKB48, six tracks ranked within the 2016 year-end Japan Hot 100. Physical sales for AKB48's titles was a particularly strong driver, with "Tsubasa Wa Iranai," which included a voting ticket for the annual "Senbatsu Sousenkyo.

AKB48 ballot to be held on June 8
fans from anywhere can connect with AKB48. This time, AKB fans will also vote for which members they would like to see perform the group's 32nd as-yet-untitled single which will be released in August. The first section, starting at 3 p.m., will be a live.