Akb48 4th Senbatsu Election 2012 Idaho

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Documentary Of AKB48 : No Flower Without Rain
No Flower Without Rain" is the 3rd AKB48 documentary. The movie feature various moments of 2012, such as Maeda Atsuko's graduation, Sashihara Rino's transference to HKT48, Oshima Yuko's winning the 4th Senbatsu Election and the Tokyo Dome concert.

AKB48 ships over 2 million copies of "Manatsu no Sounds good!"
However, AKB48’s latest single broke that record. In addition, “Manatsu no Sounds good!” included voting tickets for ‘the 4th Senbatsu Election' that will be held at Nippon Budoukan on June 6. It has also been announced that prompt reports of the.

Mayu Watanabe Takes the Lead for your AKB48 37th Single Senbatsu 6th Annual General Election
The votes have been tallied in this years 6th Annual AKB48 Senbatsu General Election ... the cheeky starlet won the fan-voted Senbatsu election. She joins previous winners Rino Sashihara (2013), Yuko Oshima (2012, 2010), and Atsuko Maeda (2011, 2009.

AKB48 4th Senbatsu Sousenkyo will be live-streamed on Google Platform
It’s something most people already knew would be announced. (Skip) The election will be live-streamed on AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo +1site. This program is a part of Google+ and Youtube’s campaign “AKB$( Senbatsu Sousenkyo Supporter Project”.

Maeda Atsuko biography presentation
Childhood Trivia AKB48 Member Elections and Janken Tournament ... One of the most popular member jpopasia.com Announced on March 25, 2012 - Didn't participate at 4th and 5th Senbatsu Election - Wants to study in New York Works Cited - Current job : actress.

Let’s Meet the Original Kami 7 Goddesses of AKB48!
But one of the most important terms in AKB48 ... the first Senbatsu Sousenkyo and when she made her graduation announcement, fans made a big push to give her the 1st rank for the following election. She may not ranked 1st but she placed at 4th, which.

akb48, post 5
Just chilled in bed listening to AKB48 waiting for this snow to start. History:2012 She was ranked 4th in AKB48's 4th Senbatsu Election.Transferred to HKT48 on June. *Sashihara Rino. Participation on AKB48 Single B-Sides for song "Ano Hi no Fuurin (Gingham.

The Tale of Sashihara, a Scandal, and HKT48
She just climbed to the fourth rank in AKB48’s election, a coveted spot in the ‘kami 7’ that was completely blocked off for years by original team members. Her reign as a high ranking media senbatsu member ... away with (it’s 2012 for crying.

AKB48 update details - Gingham Check - 27th single lead by Oshima Yuko
AKB48 has updated the release information for their single “Gingham Check” that features members selected via their 4th Senbatsu election held ... their 27th single – more details on the 2012 senbatsu election are available in an earlier report.

Yuki Kashiwagi 柏木 由紀
She auditioned for AKB48 on ... on August 24, 2012. On February 6, 2013, Kashiwagi made a solo debut on her personal label “YukiRing”, with the single “Shortcake”. In the annual general elections held in 2013, Kashiwagi came in fourth place with.