Akb48 6th Senbatsu Election 2016

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Fallen idol Nori-P emerges as survivor of 'bullying' culture
Teeny-bopper Minami Minegishi, a former member of Japan’s most popular girl band AKB48, famously shaved her hair off ... it's just soooooo horrible what happens to these girls! Also, the top senbatsu girls in AKB are VERY VERY WELL OFF financially.

Japan pop fans go crazy for democracy
TOKYO – The election debate that raged across Japan for weeks has been settled, campaigners are packing up their things and TV pundits are moving on to different topics – all-girl group AKB48 has a new president. Pictures of teary-eyed 23-year-old Yuko.

Rino Sashihara Triumphs Again in AKB48 Senbatsu Election
The 8th annual AKB48 Senbatsu (Selection) Election was held on June 18 in the Hard Off Eco Stadium in Niigata. For the second year in a row, Rino Sashihara of the spin-off group HKT48 won, having secured 243,011 votes. "I really, really, really thank you.

Beef Of The Week #377: CDs v Mountains - Complete Music Update
These issues aren't limited to AKB48 (a member of another outfit called BiS was recently suspended from the group for not losing enough weight), but there is something particularly uncomfortable about this franchise. The central focus of the marketing.

Ini Alasan Kojima Haruna AKB48 Tunda Kelulusannya - Today Idol
Apakah Kojima Haruna AKB48 benar-benar serius ingin lulus? Tampaknya ia telah mengisyaratkan tentang kelulusannya yang mungkin masih terlalu lama. Sejak menyebar topik kelulusannya di AKB48 6th General Elections pada bulan Juni lalu, Kojima telah.

Shocked at the Japanese pop star who shaved her head for having a boyfriend and betraying band rules? Look around you
Minegishi, who was photographed leaving boyband dancer Alan Shirahama’s apartment, is part of the phenomenally successful girl band AKB48. Tickets to the band’s nightly shows are so sought-after they are allocated through a lottery. The band is divided.

Tanggapan Anggota SNH48 Tentang Hasil Senbatsu Sousenkyo AKB48 - Today Idol
AKB48 6th Senbatsu Sousenkyo telah berakhir dengan hasil Watanabe Mayu menduduki posisi pertama. Beberapa anggota SNH48 memberikan tanggapan tentang oshimen mereka tentang hasil senbatsu melalui post weibo mereka masing-masing. Yi JiaAi SNH48 Team NII.

AKB48 Team A's Hirata Rina is graduating from the group
HKT48's Rino Sashihara is crowned centre at the Senbatsu General Election. AKB48 Team A's Ami Maeda is graduating from the group! After 8 years with AKB48, Team A's Ami Maeda is graduating from the group! AKB48 Team 4's Nana Okada to take a break Due to.

A (slightly) more muscular Japan
So a recent music video showing a khaki-clad AKB48, Japan's doe-eyed pop sensation, clambering in and out of troop carriers, singing things like “Show us your guts”, must have seemed a recruiting sergeant's dream. Yoshihiko Noda, the prime minister.