Akb48 Beginner Anime Sheet

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Play video games, learn Japanese: Crowdfunded JRPG “Koe” reaches its goal with cash to spare - ROCKETNEWS24
Jitesh tells us that, while this is very much a video game and not just a flash card application or cheat sheet , language learners will eventually build up a full “move-set”, meaning that their Japanese vocabulary will grow as they play. Reach for.

The Perfect Porsche 911 Really Does Exist And It's Lifted And Bright Purple
If there’s one car that really, truly got me into cars, it has to be the Porsche 911. I have seen many very good Porsche 911s in my lifetime, but Leh Keen’s off-road-ready Safari 6 911 may just be the best 911 I’ve ever seen. Everything about this.

$380 Millennium Falcon May As Well Be In The Movies
Bandai is releasing this 1/72 scale Millennium Falcon model kit that they “almost as precise and accurate” as the actual ones used in the filming of the classic trilogy. Seeing as the originals were themselves built using cannibalised model kit parts.

US Considers Chinese Investment in Artificial Intelligence a National Security Threat
The US Department of Defense is struggling to get its arms around all of the new security issues that have come with our current technological explosion. One unexpected consideration on the table is placing stricter limitations on investment capital from.

Mistaking “vertical” for “horizontal” readings in Japanese can have hilarious consequences - SoraNews24
If you've studied Japanese, then you know the language can be written two ways: horizontally (like we do in English) or vertically (think tall scrolls hanging on walls). Most of the time it's pretty obvious which direction you're supposed to read.

Let Droid Teach You To Draw
Some people have a heightened adoration for this type of drawing and would like to get into drawing manga or anime characters ... I really think that keeping things as simple as possible for beginners or noobs like me is ideal, because you can focus.

"Bodega" Represents What's Wrong With Tech Funding, but It Won't Kill Your Actual Bodega
The founders of Bodega, the new vending machine startup that wants to replace convenience stores, probably didn’t expect the internet to immediately and vociferously hate them. But they should have. The headline of their launch-day article in Fast.

AKB48's 'Rival' Idol Group Nogizaka46 Sings Magi Ending
This year's 41st issue of Shogakukan's Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine is announcing on Wednesday that Nogizaka46, AKB48's "official rival" idol group, will perform the ending theme song for the Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic anime. The visual-kei rock band.

J-pop Idols AKB48 Get Anime Series
The word is just coming in that the all-singing, all-dancing idol sensation known as AKB48 is due to get their own anime series. A blurry pic of a newspaper announcement is all we have for now, but here are the facts. The series is set to air next spring.

Love anime and driving? Subaru now selling official 'itasha'
And while the "Wish Upon the Pleiades" WRX checks both those boxes, the biggest eye-catcher is without question its exterior anime artwork. Blue has always been a popular body color choice for WRXs, but the car’s sheet metal is actually silver.

Tekken 7’s Reveals Character In A Cat Suit, Lucky Chloe
Lucky Chloe has dance-like movements and is recommended for beginner players. Tekken 7 is scheduled to launch in arcades next March. Read more stories about Arcade & Tekken 7 on Siliconera.

How to fold an entire origami schoolgirl, sailor suit and all, out of a single piece of paper
Japanese origami master shares folding steps to make something more challenging than a paper crane. And as if all of this wasn’t impressive enough, there’s the fact that Kikuchi folded the schoolgirl out of a single standard-size piece of uncut origami.