Akb48 Cantora Virtual Pc

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Akihabara’s awful truths
The area was transformed by the PC boom of the 1990s when otaku took the area over and built a striking, virtual living room-writ-large for themselves in the process, filling it up with their hobbies and objects of desire. Throughout it all, Japanese.

Japanese Nationalism Swells in Tokyo's Geek District
He spoke from a van in front of the Gundam Cafe. Next door, the neon lights for idol group AKB48's restaurant burned. A crowd of one to two thousand gathered to listen to Abe speak. It's not uncommon for large crowds to gather and listen to politicians in.

Sony Xperia S, SL & Acro S JB 4.1.2 update issues explained
Phonesreview.co.uk, obviously as the name suggests is a site dedicated around the news of the present day Mobile Phones. Handsets have gone through an entire reformation, from the old chunky mobile phones to new world of hybrid devices such as SmartPhones.

Japanese girl group AKB48 promotes Taipei tourism
Tokyo, Japan, Sept. 12 (CNA) Five members of the popular Japanese girl group AKB48 appeared at a Taiwan tourism promotion event in Tokyo on Thursday, touting the food and other attractions of Taiwan's capital city of Taipei. In a pitch aimed specifically.

Japan to make illegal downloading of music, videos punishable with jail terms
The government has passed a new amendment to its copyright laws, making illegal downloading punishable with jail terms for the first time. The new law applies to those found in possession of pirated material such as music, DVDs or Blu-ray discs, and could.

AKB48's Yūko Ōshima Co-Designs Final Fantasy 13-2 Costume
Idol to also act as beta-tester, star in commercial for Square Enix sequel game AKB48 member Yūko Ōshima has designed two costumes for the upcoming Square Enix sequel role-playing game Final Fantasy XIII-2. Ōshima will also star in a commercial for the.

What happened before the Big Bang?
What happened before the Big Bang? Does that question even make sense? When astronomers think about the Big Bang, in general they don’t actually mean that one singular moment when the Universe burst into being. It’s really the name given to the model.

First alleged picture of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 appears
Look what we have here folks. The very first Galaxy S6 leaked image has leaked on the web. After the specs of the device leaked out via Antutu benchmark a few days back, the first Samsung Galaxy S6 spy pic comes courtesy of toptienmobiel.nl. The picture.

Hatsune Miku x Sonic the Hedgehog featured in Weekly ASCII magazine
The VOCALOID virtual idol can now be found, along with her new buddy Sonic the Hedgehog, gracing the cover of the 7/5 issue of Weekly ASCII magazine. ASCII, published by ASCII MEDIA WORKS, is a tech magazine that covers the latest PC products and IT trends.

Corpse Party Is Getting A Live-Action Movie Starring An AKB48 Member
Corpse Party is getting a live-action movie adaptation in Japan this Summer, starring AKB48 member Rina Ikoma, who will make her starring debut with the film. The movie is directed by Masafumi Yamada, and will also star Ryosuke Ikeoka from D-BOYS (a.