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Advances in 3-D Computer Imaging: Can You Spot the Humans? - The Atlantic
She was a computer-generated model from the facial features of the six other AKB48 members. We found a bunch of 3-D designers who create "fake people" for video games, movies, and fun. Their animations are so good, you won't be able to separate&nbsp.

Japanese pop star turns out to be computer generated - NME.com
Eguchi Aimi was supposed to be the newest member of all-girl group AKB48 , but she was actually a composite of six of her bandmates. A video has been released showing how the girls' features were blended together for the rather convincing publicity.

Projekcja semi-transparentna, AR i... Gorillaz z Madonną (?!) - czyli koncerty Vocaloidów (Vocaloid, cz. 4, ostatnia) - dobreprogramy
During the song , (...) a phone connection was established with (...) the song author, the president of Jasmine Music Technology Dr. Ravi E. Dattatreya expressed his delight in the fact that his song was performed in public by such an unusual artist. He.

Japan Has Made The Human Pop Star Obsolete
Meet Eguchi Aimi. She's the newest member of Japan's teen girl group, AKB48. Like the rest of her 47 band mates, she's the embodiment of the a tween pop idol. She's got a sugary voice, perfect hair, shiny skin, and an unrelenting desire to plug.

Otaku band AKB48 morphs into $200M business - CNET
The men dance to the songs , wave glow sticks, and get to briefly meet the performers after the show. But the adulation doesn't end there. AKB48 also runs popularity contests for the girls, and fans get to vote with tickets ... thousands of dollars.

Meet Japan’s teen superstar who doesn’t exist
AKB48 is an all-female "idol" group – one of many comprising nubile young women who are idolised by Japanese geeks mainly because of their flawless looks. Computer-generated character ... Aimi Eguchi. The group produces songs and appears in theatre shows.

Uncanny Valley: Will We Ever Learn to Live with Artificial Humans?
A new member recently joined the Japanese band AKB48. Pop blogs and a magazine cover story introduced Aimi Eguchi as a sweet 16-year-old from ... sells home software that allows anyone to write songs for Miku to sing. The voice is based on a real singer.

Japanese Musical Sensation AKB48 Trick Hordes Of Fans Into Loving a CGI Popstar: Introducing Aimi Eguchi
Rules and codes of various music scenes aside, a good song is a good song no matter who or what the ... The craziest thing is that fans are still supporting AKB48's Aimi Eguchi, despite her obvious limitations. The precedent for the success of quite.

Vocaloids pushing pop idols off the charts - The Vancouver Observer (blog)
I was listening to music blaring out of a friend's car one day -- a bland Japanese pop song with nondescript lyrics -- when I noticed something a little off about the singer. The girl's voice was incredibly flat, like a Takashi Murakami drawing. No.

Japanese Pop Idol Actually a Digital Creation - PC Magazine
Celebrity Scandal Revealed: Last Week's Hottest Japanese Pop Star Isn't a Real Human Popular Science.

Is This Girl Real or Virtual?
her first name "Aimi" (愛実) could be a wordplay on "Aisu no Mi" (アイスの実). The name of the song AKB48 sing in the snack commercial is "Aisu no Kuchizuke" or "Ice Kiss". Her magazine and candy commercial are the only times Eguchi's apparently.

Japanese pop star outed as CGI
AKB48 is ... group produces songs and appears in theatre shows and on TV. It holds the Guinness World Record for being the "pop group with the greatest number of members" - dozens are spread into four teams. Earlier this month Aimi Eguchi was announced.