Akb48 First Rabbit Translation

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First ‘Peter Rabbit’ translation in Japan?
A group of Japanese academics announced Wednesday it has found the world’s oldest translation of Beatrix Potter’s story “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” in a 1906 Japanese magazine. A 1912 Dutch text has been thought to be the first translation of the.

IWTYAL 214: Should I create monolingual flashcards?
Today’s episode follows on very nicely from the last episode with Gabe because I kind of avoided getting in to a rabbit hole with Gabe about flashcards ... That’s me setting out the stool. Now my first question to you is to ask you to challenge the.

AKB48 Team 8 Assemble at Tokyo Idol Festival 2017!
following up with another upbeat AKB48 single, “Kibouteki Refrain”. As the crowd gradually got more and more excited with “First Rabbit”, the group then paused to introduce themselves one by one, proudly announcing their individual prefectures.

AKB48 Anime's 9 Voice Audition Winners Announced
Anime fan "Mayuyu," voice actress Sayaka Nakaya, others in next spring's AKB0048 anime The official website for AKB0048, next spring's television anime inspired by the all-female idol group AKB48, announced the 9 audition winners for the anime's voice cast.

The Classes 25 Famous Writers Teach
Frequently this involves dealing with the history that has produced one’s otherness; with the task of translation that often falls on ... and personal essays. First-person writing is a peculiar blend of candor, catharsis, narcissism, and indiscretion.

Pilgrimage to remember poet Yun Dong-ju
The names of my poor neighbors, pigeon, puppy, rabbit, mule. And the names of poets like Frances ... Night rain outside the window is whispering. For the first time. From the poem, I still can detect his loneliness in the metropolitan city of Tokyo in.

The product design challenges of AR on smartphones
and AR is the first medium that is completely unbound ... an app that needs two hands can’t (as you have to rotate your torso plus have very limited translation without walking). This means AR apps that don’t require you to be always looking through.

Video games that will make you cry
Most of these games work best if you don't know what you're getting into, so you might want to play them first, and then come back to see ... and promise to reunite on the Moon—which is at the center of a rabbit-shaped constellation they make up together.

Gene Frenette: Jaguars, Bortles can’t win being afraid to throw deep
Translation: an offense already designed to be run-heavy with ... out-of-bounds pass down the right sideline for Allen Hurns, every one of Bortles’ first 20 attempts were of the short-to-medium variety. It was a bunch of screens, crossing routes.