Akb48 Fortune Cookie Dailymotion Short

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Meet AKB48 - the girl band labelled too 'embarrassing' for the Tokyo Olympics
AKB48 – which has about 140 rotating members ranging from ... Lyrics include the mind-boggling “Come here Labrador dog, after long last, let me hold you tight,” and “fortune cookie of my heart.” Most of their songs are upbeat and occasionally.

Companies Making Great Strides In Video
French news organization L'Opinion is driving both audience and revenue growth using short-form social video ... At the same time, they've distributed across sites like Dailymotion, where they've been successful at monetizing approximately 75% of their.

Dance, Mr Prata Man. Dance, hawker auntie
They pranced to the upbeat song Koi Suru Fortune Cookie by AKB48, a popular girl group in Japan ... "We are thankful that the management at these places agreed to our requests at such short notice," said Mr Kim. "Some, like the Singapore Zoo, even advised.

City Employees Dancing to AKB48 Is Guaranteed to Make You Smile
Ever since AKB48 released the "Koi Suru Fortune Cookie" ("Fortune Cookie in Love") music video back in June, it's gained a life of its own as a peppy and indestructable meme. It all kind of started when a video was shot featuring all the employees of the.

GMO’s pretty employees rival AKB48 with big smiles and short skirts
Will we be seeing a GMO idol group sometime in the future? In 2013 AKB48 released a music video for their song Koi Suru Fortune Cookie which featured 356 members of the AKB staff doing the dance moves. This started a craze for people of all professions.

This sick clip of two girls blowing a BEETLE down a tube has been viewed MILLIONS of times
With one at each end it was a war of the breaths - a bit like 'tug of war' but with blowing The Japanese television variety show stars Japanese idol girl group AKB48 - who are a big deal over there - and is hosted by owarai duo Bad Boys. Two of the AKB48.

Giles Clarke warns against internet piracy
Giles Clarke, the chairman of the ECB, has revealed that as many as 700 unauthorised websites providing illegal streams of cricket matches have been closed down, and has warned that they are "the biggest danger" facing the game. Clarke made his remarks on.

New BBC Media Player for Android phones and tablets
Today the BBC's mobile technical teams have begun rolling out a new way of securely playing video and audio content on Android phones and tablets. It's called BBC Media Player and we are starting to use it with the mobile view of the BBC's iPlayer website.

Homegrown misogyny divides sexes in Japan
Who wants to marry a loser? Japanese marriages are surely the least fulfilling in the rich world. Open affection is in short supply. Once they have children, sociologists say, mothers feel under intense pressure to go into overdrive at mothering.

Everton eye Burnley's Heaton as Howard ponders future
Everton are reported to have approached Burnley in a move for their goalkeeper Tom Heaton as doubts about Tim Howard's future with the club have been raised by his desire to return to the USA. The Independent report that Howard's ex-wife has returned to.