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Sazae-san Characters Dance to AKB48's "Koi Suru Fortune Cookie"
For almost a year now, we've been in love with AKB48's "Koi Suru Fortune Cookie," especially the hundreds of videos it's inspired of fans, city employees, mascots, and everyday citizens dancing along. Luckily, that trend is still ongoing, and now.

Sister group of AKB48 to be formed in Manila
AKB48 is Japan’s most popular female idol group, with hit songs like “Koi Suru Fortune Cookie,” “Sayonara Crawl,” “Manatsu no Sounds Good,” “Everyday Katyusha,” “Beginner,” “River,” and “Heavy Rotation. “ It is considered one.

[Interview] 108 étoiles du Japon, mode d'emploi culturel du Japon d'aujourd'hui - Journal du Japon
A l'inverse, en jeu moisi que je n'aime pas : La roue de la fortune , Les boîtes d'Arthur… Non, ça, je ne peux pas. .... les AKB48 , là j'ai eu un rejet général de mon panel, car ils ne veulent surtout pas qu'elles représentent le Japon. J'avais mis.

Koisuru Fortune Cookie MV is out!! (and one more about Suuchan’s first Kiss)
Koisuru Fortune Cookie – Fall in Love Fortune Cookie, MV is out! Believe it or not, there have been tons of car crashes in Japan since the song came out. Because… the moment the horn sound in the intro starts to blow, your ready! And when the song.

Dancing Governor’s AKB48 Video Goes Viral
The Kanagawa video isn’t the only alternative to the original AKB48 version of “Fortune Cookie.” Dozens of imitations have been inspired by the simple dance in the original. AKB48 has uploaded 23 other versions to the group’s YouTube page.

AKB48's 32nd Single is "Koisuru Fortune Cookie"
It has been revealed that idol group AKB48's upcoming 32 single will be entitled “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”. HKT48 member Rino Sashihara will be the single's Center. The filming for its music video was held on June 22nd, in Fukuoka, the hometown of.

AKB48’s Koisuru Fortune Cookie (Almost) Full PV
If you hadn’t already gotten a peek at the almost full Music Video for AKB48’s Koisuru Fortune Cookie which debuted on Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku last night.. have I got a treat for you! In 2001 a crack commando Editor-in-Chief was sent to prison by a.

When the staff become the stars: AKB’s new marketing strategy
With the recent release of their 32nd single, “Koi suru Fortune Cookie,” AKB48 has once again proven their monopoly in Japan’s music industry. After hitting the physical and digital shelves on August 21st, the song topped the Oricon hit charts in its.

Meet AKB48 - the girl band labelled too 'embarrassing' for the Tokyo Olympics
AKB48 – which has about 140 rotating members ranging from ... Lyrics include the mind-boggling “Come here Labrador dog, after long last, let me hold you tight,” and “fortune cookie of my heart.” Most of their songs are upbeat and occasionally.

AKB48 "Koisuru Fortune Cookie" 32nd single more details, PV music video
Their 32nd single comes on 3-pairs of editions with the Limited editions adding a handshake event ticket (1 of 2). The CD’s are all planned to have 3 new songs and the matching Karaoke tracks (types I, II, III coupling tracks differ). All editions.

Yuko Oshima to 'graduate' from J-pop mega-group AKB48 - The Japan Daily Press
25-year-old Yuko Oshima said she is “graduating” from the all-girl group, surprising even some of her co-members. After their performance of their hit single Koisuru Fortune Cookie on the NHK music variety program “Kohaku Uta Gassen,” Oshima shared her&nbsp.

AKB48's PV for 'Koisuru Fortune Cookie' revealed
The PV for AKB48's new single, "Koisuru Fortune Cookie", has been revealed. "Koisuru Fortune Cookie" is AKB48's 32nd single that's scheduled for release on August 21. The center position for this single is claimed by HKT48's Sashihara Rino.