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AKB48's 32nd Single is "Koisuru Fortune Cookie"
It has been revealed that idol group AKB48's upcoming 32 single will be entitled “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”. HKT48 member Rino Sashihara will be the single's Center. The filming for its music video was held on June 22nd, in Fukuoka, the hometown of.

TWICE Rises To Top Of Oricon's Daily Chart With Japanese Debut Album - soompi
lol my best girl was Acchan) As for AKB48's singles... huh. I could've sworn their top-of-the-charts streak was broken after Koisuru Fortune Cookie , but I guess my memory's just really faulty. Interesting how TWICE is ahead in the charts, but.

40 Anggota AKB48 Berakting di Drama Horor - Showbiz Liputan6.com
Lagu Koi Suru Fortune Cookie membuat kerabat AKB48 di New York melakukan tarian yang sempat populer beberapa waktu lalu. Selain itu, dramanya juga akan juga akan menjadi audisi akting di mana pemirsa dapat memilih aktris favorit mereka.

IN PHOTOS: Highlights from Cool Japan Festival 2015 - Rappler
TEAM 8. Japan's most sought-after girl idol group, AKB48 , at the Cool Japan Festival 2015. Photo by Sheen Irerick Seeckts/Rappler. MANILA, Philippines – Fan chants, together with the upbeat sounds of Japanese pop music, resonated in the atmosphere,&nbsp.

Lagu Milik Nogizaka46 dan AKB48 Resmi Dijadikan Melodi Oleh Stasiun Kereta Tokyo Metro - Today Idol
39;Kimi no na wa kibou' milik Nogizaka46 dan 'Koisuru Fortune Cookie ' resmi digunakan sebagai melodi untuk stasiun kereta Tokyo Metro. Sejak Juni – September 2015, Tokyo Metro telah menerima permintaan untuk melodi yang akan digunakan dan&nbsp.

This is how Golden Bomber promotes their single “#CD ga Urenai Konna Yononaka Ja”, and it's simply hilarious! - JROCK NEWS (press release) (blog)
Well, at least for most, but not for the girl group AKB48 as mentioned in the lyrics (who also happen to make ton of cash from faithful fans who literally buys hundreds of the same release). So to embrace the future of digital media, Golden Bomber.

Sazae-san Characters Dance to AKB48's "Koi Suru Fortune Cookie"
For almost a year now, we've been in love with AKB48's "Koi Suru Fortune Cookie," especially the hundreds of videos it's inspired of fans, city employees, mascots, and everyday citizens dancing along. Luckily, that trend is still ongoing, and now.

Arashi, Perfume, hitomi, Hoshino Gen, and More Perform on THE MUSIC DAY Negai ga Kanau Natsu - Arama Japan (press release)
On July 1, Nippon TV aired this year's edition of its annual midyear music show, THE MUSIC DAY. The show was about 10 hours long and featured performances by many acts. including Arashi, Perfume, hitomi, Hoshino Gen, UVERworld, Kanjani8, AKB48 ,&nbsp.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Is A Wonderful Introduction To Japanese Pop - Siliconera
“Fire Emblem ~ Drama's Light~” is my favorite.) While the game is certainly an enjoyable experience, ... AKB48's “Koisuru Fortune Cookie ,” “Aitakatta Oedo,” or “Sugar Rush” could be solid picks too. Or, if you want to go traditional, you can't go wrong.

Comic strips a wistful passage back to yesteryear
The Bumstead family of Dagwood, Blondie, Cookie and Alexander. Daisy and her pups were a perennial ... Newspaper Enterprise Association). The Soldier of Fortune started out as an adventurer, joined the Army during World War II, then became a private.