Akb48 French Kiss Album Art

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AOA rises to second place on the Oricon weekly albums chart! - allkpop
After the release of the album on October 14, AOA has been going up and down from first to third place on the daily charts. The group was eventually taken over by AKB48 sub-unit French Kiss's album and settled at second place on the 'Oricon' weekly chart.

Listen! Popdust's 20 Essential J-Pop Tracks, From Pink Lady to Utada Hikaru - Popdust
The first, and so far only, global J-pop smash, “Ue o Muite Arukou” or “Sukiyaki.” Sakamoto died tragically in 1985 when Japan Airlines flight 123 crashed into Mount Takamagahara. In 1981, a version with English lyrics by the disco group Taste of Honey&nbsp.

AAA's Nissy to release new single “Hana Chérie” in April - Arama Japan (press release) (blog)
AAA member Nissy (Takahiro Nishijima) will release his 7th single called 花cherie (Hana Chérie) on the 19th of April via mu – mo shop. mu-mo is an online web store operated by avex group. Chérie is a french word which means “Dear” / “Sweetheart”,&nbsp.

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McDonald's launches anime series as part of 'Join the Crew' recruitment drive The Drum.

Drifting Sun at Twilight: An Inter-Review
From the album artwork, I get a sense of eighteenth century horror instead ... to David Bowie and Prince, to Iron Maiden and Kiss, and Judas Priest, the Scorpions, a lot of the heavy and hard rock scene of the 70’s and 80’s, but also most of the.

Female porn stars donate their boobs to charity as fans pay to cop a feel - Mirror.co.uk
Most charity work involves a feel-good factor but 12 Japanese adult film stars took things a touch further when they donated their breasts to a TV fundraiser. The flirty dozen allowed porn film fans to feel their boobs in return for a charity donation.

AKB48 not just popular in Japan – Belgian politician lobbying for first European concert - RocketNews24
In 2012, he was hospitalized due to illness, but his recovery was apparently helped along thanks to Japan's number-one idol group: AKB48 . Istasse found their music to be reminiscent of French pop music from the '60s and '70s and, while the melodies are&nbsp.

Japanese girl band singers suffer horrific hand and head injuries after crazed fan attacks them with a 50-centimetre SAW - Daily Mail
The 24-year-old was arrested by police on Sunday, about 1pm, after he evaded a large contingent of security who were patting down people and checking bags on entry to the AKB48 concert. It was being staged at a convention centre, in front of about 100&nbsp.

We try new yakisoba noodles with chocolate sauce (Spoiler: it's awful) - RocketNews24
AKB48 and Nogizaka46 songs to be played as subway train departure melodies in Tokyo; « ... AKB48 and Nogizaka46 songs to be played as subway train departure melodies in Tokyo; « ... with this vegan-friendly dish featuring Cactuar 【Recipe】 · Green tea.

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Texas indie-rock band Spoon plays Malkin Bowl, touring in support of its ninth studio album Hot Thoughts ... Monet's Secret Garden at the Vancouver Art Gallery showcases 38 paintings that span the career of the French artist who is regarded as a.

The 48 Japanese Schoolgirls Aiming to Take Over the World - The Atlantic
Two by two, each of the 48 members of AKB48 —the six-years-in-the-running girl group that the Guinness Book of World Records has called the largest pop act in the world—approached the podium, stretched out their right arms, and touched knuckes.