Akb48 Fushidara Na Natsu

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Your 2012 Anime Awards
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One Minute More
For Japanese viewers, the references to AKB48, Tokyo and Japanese food make us feel that much closer to Taiwanese cinema. And now there’s “One Minute More,” based on “Ippunkan Dake,” a best-selling.

Who’s still buying physical media in Japan? Top 20 singles lists for the year reveal the answer
3. Suzukake no Ki no Michi de “Kimi no Hohoemi wo Yume ni Mieru” to Itteshimattara Bokutachi no Kankei ha Dou Kawatteshimau no ka, Boku nari ni Nannichika Kangaeta Ue de no Yaya Hazukashii Ketsuron no you na Mono / AKB48 2. Mae Shika Mukanee / AKB48 1.