Akb48 Give Me Five Haruka Shimazaki

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Cute Japan pop star recruits soldiers as Abe boosts military
Working for the Self-Defence Forces presents boundless dreams - like the earth, ocean and the sea," says Haruka Shimazaki of the all-girl group AKB48 in a new 30-second ... "We want to give a friendly image and make it easier for youth to apply to the.

Japanese military taps youth culture in recruitment drive
Earlier this year, the armed forces roped in pop idol Haruka Shimazaki of the all-girl group AKB48 as a soft-sell recruitment draw. A bumper crop of military-themed broadcast content includes "Girls und Panzer", a popular anime TV show about schoolgirls.

The Year in Review
I chose these releases either because the shows themselves were fantastic, or they've somehow stayed with me throughout the year. Because I couldn't narrow it down to five, I instead took ... it follows a girl named Haruka who dreams of someday composing.

Kuwata’s left jab has nothing on the politics of ad money
especially when contrasted with AKB48’s Haruka Shimazaki, who last summer urged people to join the army with the full backing of the state. However, another, perhaps more powerful power dynamic underlies Kuwata’s travails: the relationship between.

Girls, drink all you want! “Hangover Makeup” is in!
and the key point is that the girls who adopt this look put a lot of blush right underneath the eyes, creating that “I had a heavy night last night” look. Haruka Shimazaki of AKB48 was famous for doing her makeup this way.

AKB48 singer recruits for SDF as Abe boosts military
But this feels really off to me. I love Paruru and I think she's great in AKB ... didn't want the youth to learn about what war did to Japan,and why. Maybe Haruka Shimazaki needs a lesson about the destruction of Japan during WWII, culminating in the.