Akb48 gomen ne summer japanese version

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Sailor Moon
For fans of this original Sailor Moon ... “gomen-ne, it's hard for me to say” and one line simply reading “shinjiteiru-no.” This does not appear to make any sense, unless I am grossly wrong in my understanding of what these words mean in Japanese.

JKT48 live performance: Gomen Ne, Summer at RCTI dahSyat [12.09.2012] - YouTube
On December 9th, Aki Takajo and Haruka Nakagawa (who recently transferred from AKB48 to JKT48) made a performance debut with JKT48 members at RCTI dahSyat. Performing the song " Gomen Ne , Summer ". Please keep on cheering for JKT48.

Historic Japanese Starbucks Doesn't Even Look Like A Starbucks
Image: Starbucks via Fashion Press] What a nice counter. [Image: Starbucks via Fashion Press] The second floor has some traditional Japanese cushions for sitting and enjoying coffee. Japan—and Asia, in general—is home to several Starbucks that don’t.

Japanese Kissgate: SKE48 girls do a Madonna – Britney Kiss! - The Japan Daily Press
The AKB48 sister group's debut album will be released along with their new single and hopefully it will notch straight up to the Oricon single and album charts. At the event, SKE48 performed 6 songs including “ Gomen ne , SUMMER ” and “Aozora Kataomoi” to&nbsp.

Neptunia Idol Game’s Story Is About The CPUs Vs. Idol Group MOB48
All of the sudden an idol game appears and MOB48 (a joke referencing the actual idol group AKB48) is taking share away from the CPUs. You have to get it back by earning stage points during live performances. Each show the number of fans and haters will.

KARA to appear on Music Station
The group had been in Japan on March 11, recording scenes for a drama series, and they were originally scheduled to appear on Music Station on March 18. The girls returned to Korea but vowed not to forget about their Japanese fans. Proceeds from their.