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LETRONS: Turkish Transforming Robots in Disguise
We've seen Angry Birds transform into Autobots and Decepticons. We've seen people transform into Optimus Prima and Grimlock. We've even seen several individuals and companies attempt transforming mini cars. Now, for possibly the first time, we get to.

AKB48 monthly newspaper on sale
A monthly AKB48 group newspaper is being published by Nikkan Sports. This month, the 32-page tabloid reports on the group's charity activities in the Tohoku area, as well as carrying features on Miyuki Watanabe from NMB48, and an interview with sumo grand.

Do-Don! It’s Time To Drum Up A Monster Hunter Medley
Taiko: Drum Master for Wii U promised free downloadable music and it’s delivering on that front. The game is renowned for including a metric ton of famous songs from all things geeky in Japan, and this week’s batch of DLC was no different. Taiko: Drum.

Chinese Mall Sets Up Gaming Booths For Tired Shoppers
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Survey ranks Japan’s uncomfortable reactions to sudden sex scenes during family movie night
An unanticipated steamy love scene in a film or drama series might be a welcome surprise when viewing privately in your man cave, but it’s another matter entirely when the whole family’s crammed on the couch sharing the experience. And according to a.