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The National Decline that Lifted AKB48 to the Top - Nippon.com
AKB48 was in the spotlight again recently, but this time for an unfortunate incident that occurred on May 25, involving a saw-wielding fan who attacked and injured two members of the group at a handshake event in Iwate Prefecture as well as one venue.

Yasushi Akimoto To Create Survival Reality Show to Form 7-Member Girl Group - Arama Japan (press release)
Songwriter Yasushi Akimoto, creator of the 48/46 franchise and Onyanko Club, is set to produce a new group that will be formed via televised competition aiming to build the best idol group. The upcoming TV Asahi show “Last Idol” will begin in August.

AKB48 members deserve to get workers' comp for saw attack - The Japan Times
On May 25, a man wielding a saw attacked and wounded 19-year-old Rina Kawaei and 18-year-old Anna Iriyama, two members of bumper girl group AKB48 , and a male staffer at an event where fans get to shake hands with their AKB idols. Fortunately the&nbsp.

China VCs Are Going Crazy for Girl Groups - Bloomberg
Modeled after the wildly popular Japanese group AKB48 , Wang's three-year-old Chinese version similarly auditions young women from across the country, trains them intensively in singing, dancing, and show-hosting for four months, then puts them onstage.

The BBC Airs Documentary on Idols and Their Fans - Arama Japan (press release)
Stabbings, stalkings, semen handshakes ! Idol fans are the scum of the ... “Tokyo Girls” mainly follows the story of a 19 year old idol named Rio Hiiragi and her fans, most of whom are socially awkward middle-aged men that have little to no prospects in.

AKB48 fan shows his love the only way he knows how: By buying $300000 worth of CDs - RocketNews24
It's becoming more and more common for idol singer units in Japan to pump up their sales numbers by offering some kind of special prize to fans who purchase multiple copies of the same CD. Each disc might come with a raffle ticket for a chance to shake&nbsp.

The cyber goddesses of Tokyo Idols and the men who worship them - rabble.ca (blog)
on the idols' music and other promotional products, line up to meet them at " handshake " events, perform their own choreographed chants and movements at their shows, and dedicate their lives to supporting their favourites' careers with a quasi.

Office workers sing and dance their way into the spotlight - Nikkei Asian Review
The name is a pun on the rash of idol groups that have been appending numbers to their names, such as the wildly popular AKB48 or Nogizaka46. Higashi Ikebukuro is the district in Tokyo where Credit Saison's 52nd-floor headquarters is located. The group&nbsp.

Odd election picks Japan's largest pop group - YourErie
As Japan's most popular and highest-earning girl pop group, AKB48 sold over 50 million CDs since launching in 2005, ranking in the top four highest selling music groups in Japan. Their last single "Negaigoto no Mochigusare," was recently released on.

The Journal of Popular Culture
With the frequency of handshake events, general elections ... This is more than mere entertainment. AKB48 general elections can truly change the life of individual singers. Although Michel and Kikuchi once wrote that the election was “a harmless.

In Japan, Teenage Girls Folding Paper Cranes Has Taken on a Whole New Meaning - VICE News
When Lisa was 16, she would stand outside of a "maid café" in Akihabara and wait for men who wanted the JK experience to ask her on dates. ... The frequently rotating members — AKB48 has as many as 88 at a time, all ranked according to their.

The JK business: Documentary examines the Japanese schoolgirl industry - RocketNews24
To gain some more insight into the JK business, Ostrovsky also speaks with Jake Adelstein, a journalist with over 20 years of experience dabbling in the Japanese underworld. Adelstein explains that the JK business largely picked up steam after the.

Newsflash: AKB48 members attacked by saw-wielding “fan” at handshake event【UPDATED】 - ROCKETNEWS24
AKB48 members, Rina Kawaei and Anna Iriyama, injured by saw-wielding man, Satoru Umeta The Global Dispatch.

What Japan can tell us about the future of music - The Spinoff
The five group members on the video I saw aren't even part of a consistent group – following the logic of super-large groups like AKB48 , the members of You'll Melt More are continually changing and most of the original line-up have 'graduated' to other.