Akb48 heart ereki pv full

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Final Fantasy 13-2 Costume by AKB48's Yūko Ōshima Decided
Fans vote for DLC costume for character Serah in upcoming Square Enix RPG The official site for Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII-2 game's beta testers revealed on Saturday the winning costume designed by AKB48 member Yūko Ōshima that will be featured in.

VIDEO: Can Your Heart Withstand the Magic of the Japanese "My Little Pony" Theme?
A short version of the PV for the song has been unleashed on YouTube and you can sample some of it's sugary pastel tinted magic below... My Little Pony got the full press conference treatment in Japan a few days ago as Hasbro Studios president Stephen.

Quincy Jones to promote K-pop globally
“There’s is a sensibility here I have not found in Japan, China or Vietnam,” he said, citing the success of South Korean rapper Psy’s global chart-topper “Gangnam Style”. Maybe he one of the few that has not watched the video or PsY. No offense.

AKB48 Eat Your Heart Out, Freedom Wars Has Idols, Too
As an aside, Panna can be my Accessory any time!] Freedom Wars will be released in Japan on June 26 and has been confirmed for the West, for PlayStation Vita. Read more stories about Freedom Wars & PlayStation Vita on Siliconera.