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The Summer of 1995: 20 Things America Was Obsessed with 20 Years Ago
In case you’re having trouble remembering which earworm was getting heavy rotation through your brain or which TV shows were must-see, we’ve prepared a little nostalgia fest for you: 20 of the biggest pop cultural milestones from the summer of 1995.

Just Dance AKB48 Trailer - Capsule Computers
The western world has already recieved 2 installments of the popular Just Dance series. Japan on the otehr hand are finally getting the first game, which has begun heavy commerical rotation through out the country , with an ad campaign starring none.

Ryan Merchant of Capital Cities discusses rising success, Andre 3000 and new record
The song is in heavy rotation on rock radio stations across the country, hit No. 4 on this week's Billboard ... My Stereo" that we recorded and re-worked and produced a brand new version of that is a more high-energy. Q. Do you have a favorite song off.

Lil Jon Launches His Own Label, BME Recordings
are in heavy rotation on BET, MTV2 and MTVJams. "Trillville's song is 'Neva Eva' and in they're wilding out on the last day of school in the video," Lil Jon said in a recent interview. "Scrappy's is called 'Head Bussa' and it gotta lil' dance to it....it's.

Strictly Come Dancing 2017 week 4 recap
The comments: Craig said the footwork was sloppy and Mollie needed more hip rotation ... The dance: Charlotte surprised with a brave solo section and she travelled nicely across the floor. Her kicks and flicks were small but sharp, if a little heavy.

Top 10 Talking Heads Songs
It also helped that they were a funky bunch -- it was a lot easier to dance to Talking Heads than, say, Molly Hatchet. Our list of the Top 10 Talking Heads songs includes some ... one of the first to receive heavy rotation on MTV. The song wasn't a huge.

The sci-fi Japanese pop star scandal - Chicago Reader
According to its Wikipedia page there are currently 88 girls on the four primary AKB48 squads, as well as seven other franchised groups based in other Asian cities.) The primary concept behind AKB48 —and the copycat operations that it's spawned—is.

Ken Tucker on MTV's Best and Worst Music Videos
In the gorgeous ”Tennessee” video now in heavy rotation on MTV ... as fans squeal and do the clomping Achy Breaky Line Dance that’s already become the country version of the lambada. C.

Prepare to be outraged: Japan votes for its “100 Best World Class Songs” 【Videos】 - RocketNews24
The long-running Japanese music program Music Station recently held a nation-wide survey polling 10,000 people on what they thought were Japan's most world-class songs. Respondents told the TV show which songs they felt best represented Japan,&nbsp.

What YouTube has done to the music video star
Musicians who could dance, like Michael Jackson and Madonna ... especially when most music television put a limited number of contemporary hits on heavy rotation and only selected from a limited canon of classics. Yet the need for clips to “go viral.

Quit Your Band! Musical Notes From The Japanese Underground - The Quietus
Listen to ' Heavy Rotation ' by idol group AKB48 and compare it with 'Blue Tears' by 90s J-Pop band Judy And Mary and the only thing that's changed is that they've taken out anything interesting the guitars were doing and changed the arrangement so that.

Japanese Idol - New York Times (blog)
Split off into small groups or large brigades, they tour the country and perform songs in mass patterns somewhat resembling cheerleading formations, but with disconcerting expressions of longing. The girls of AKB48 are sexual ... (See AKB48's most.

Love in the Time of Robots
This is his department: Ishi­guro, 54, is a distinguished professor at one of the country’s top universities ... if your head feels heavy, you can just lean back. Just like sleeping …” But in his third year, Ishi­guro abruptly gives up painting.

NCAA Tournament 2017: Power Ranking All 68 Teams
And despite our nationwide infatuation with their freshmen, this might be the most senior-heavy rotation (Derek Willis ... there's not a team in the country that version of Duke cannot beat. Reason to Worry: Allen and Jefferson have been hobbled by.

AKB48 and Nogizaka46 songs to be played as subway train departure melodies in Tokyo - RocketNews24
You can probably tell which stations they'll be played at, but can you guess which songs have been chosen? One of the great things about travelling around Tokyo by rail is listening to all the different departure melodies that play at each station just.