Akb48 Heavy Rotation Fullmetal Alchemist

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AKB48 Producer Akimoto to Produce 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony - Anime News Network
Along with photographer Mika Ninagawa, who shot the music video for the AKB48 song " Heavy Rotation ", he will produce the opening ceremony. The news was largely greeted with delight by the Japanese public, especially the younger demographic.

Japanese idol singer has an important request for fans: Please use deodorant
Some of the female fans smell sweaty, and others wear really heavy perfume.” Other handshake event etiquette tips offered by commenters include taking a shower the morning of the event (most people in Japan usually bathe at night, just before going to.

Evangelion's "Cruel Angel's Thesis" Tops Anime Karaoke Charts
Connect" by ClariS, a pop duo comprising junior high school girls that was used as the theme song for Puella Magi Madoka Magica ranked 17th. Overall, AKB48's "Heavy Rotation" claimed the top spot in the list of popular karaoke songs in 2011.

My Neighbor (The Mechanized Death Machine) Totoro
Model builder and Kotaku reader Kevin Derken is back with a new original creation: some Totoro figures made from spare parts leftover from Maschinen Krieger model kits. He made four different versions, each based on a classic Maschinen Krieger paint scheme.

Cool Videos: Get into the Holiday spirit with this Christmas Vacation remix
This remix video turns some of the key moments from CHRISTMAS VACATION into an auto-tuned music video that still keeps the insane spirit of the original movie while setting it to a beat. I doubt this song will play on heavy rotation during your Christmas.

TMRevolution Cross-Dresses in Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Cosplay - Anime News Network
Last year, Nishikawa dressed as an AKB48 member and danced through the idol group's entire " Heavy Rotation " song. Nishikawa sang theme songs for the anime titles Bleach the Movie: Hell Verse, Sengoku Basara Two, D.Gray-man, Darker than Black,&nbsp.

AKB0048 Idol Sci-Fi Anime's 3rd Promo Streamed
Now with more transforming mecha, AKB48's "Heavy Rotation" The official website for AKB0048, the television anime inspired by and starring the all-female idol group AKB48, began streaming its third promotional video on Saturday. The 101-second video.