Akb48 Heavy Rotation Personal Creations

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WISSOTA racers want good engines . . . but not too good
Jim Baier, owner of Baier's Engine Service in Rochester, uses a dial indicator on a 406 Chevy block to check degree of rotation of a camshaft he is ... his own machine work and this year two of his creations were claimed. But he philosophically noted.

Top 5 editor’s picks: The best of the best in Brisbane dining
Two takeaway joints feature on high rotation at my office – Mrs Luu’s ... People cross town for these flavour-layered creations, such as the deceptively simple kale and parmesan with sourdough croutons and roasted garlic, or the tangy raw beetroot.

Kathryn Tucker Windham's website debuts
Lucas lived for some time with Ms. Windham in her Selma home; that backyard became a bizarre metallic menagerie of Lucas' creations. "Chip said 'Why haven ... "and it truly was so heavy you could knock a burglar out. "Someone once asked her, 'Surely.

Sexualisation and a shaved head: Who are Japanese idol girl band AKB48?
One of AKB48’s most famous songs is 2010 hit Heavy Rotation. Its accompanying video depicts the ... and publicly shame herself as penance for something which was her own personal right and prerogative spoke volumes.’ While controversial, the AKB.

Japan hires top girlband AKB48 to sell government bonds
AKB48, one of the world's highest-grossing acts with more ... The finance ministry has previously relied on celebrities to push Japan's government bonds, with a 2010 campaign suggesting that public debt-buying men may attract the opposite sex.

Working to Make Everyone’s Dream Come True Until the End: Mayu Watanabe Graduation Concert
The special medley drew to a close with “Sayonara Crawl” and “Heavy Rotation ... 5 AKB48 greatest hits. The climax of the evening arrived during “Kokoro no Placard” as the members revealed a secret section of their outfits revealing a personal.

Forgetfulness can cost you at airports
The agency’s list of banned items is one of the best publicized post-9/11 government creations for no other reason than it’s often in heavy rotation of late night ... of having to pay a fine: All the personal information collected during the process.

Portland's 101 best restaurants of 2016
The miso bowl has a place in my regular lunch rotation, always with a side of boiled gyoza ... were able to grow quickly because of their clever bread-based creations and even better execution. Yet Meat Cheese Bread is the sandwich shop we return to.

An 800-pound gorilla fights back
While Pepsi executives insisted the move was strictly business, the ad trade publications saw it differently: "It was personal," Ad Age declared ... on the exorbitant costs of TV commercials in heavy rotation. But those big-media billings were the.

Disney Robot With Air-Water Actuators Shows Off "Very Fluid" Motions
Like other Disney creations, Jimmy looks rather magical ... A gear system [red geared pieces] converts the rod’s linear motion into rotation. The actuator weighs only 120 grams, and can deliver up to 4.5 newton meters of continuous torque with a 135.