Akb48 Janken Tai Kai

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AKB48 member Nana Okada cosplays as Ram for group’s Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament
AKB48’s annual rock-paper-scissors tournament, AKB48 Janken Taikai, held a few surprises, and one of them has definitely captured the hearts of anime fans, as member Nana Okada, entered the contest cosplaying as one of Re:Zero’s “Demon Twins”, Ram.

You've got to hand it to her! Japanese woman in hysterics after winning high-stakes game of rock, paper, scissors
An arena full of people erupted during the intense finals of rock, paper, scissors in Japan. The event, AKB48 Group Unit Single Soudatsu Janken Taikai, was held on October 10 at World Memorial Hall in the Kansai Region. The tournament allows competitors to.

Miku Tanabe Wins AKB48’s Janken Tournament
The AKB48 Group Unit Single Soudatsu Janken Taikai swept through World Memorial Hall as fans gathered to see Miku Tanabe take the final round and her place as lead of the newest unit to release a single. This years event pits AKB48 members and select.

3 Annual AKB48 Events Every Fan Must Enjoy!
The first Janken Taikai started in 2010 for AKB48’s 19th single in which Uchida Mayumi won. In the following years, big name senbatsu members like Shinoda Mariko, Shimazaki Haruka and Matsui Jurina won the tournament respectively. Matsui Jurina may also.

Miyuki Watanabe wins AKB48’s 2014 Janken Tournament
The AKB48 2014 Janken Taikai (rock-paper-scissors tournament) was held earlier today on September 17 at Nippon Budoukan. This year, 113 members participated from all the domestic sister groups: 93 from AKB48, 8 from SKE48, 7 from NMB48 and 5 from HKT48.

Janken–Japanese Game of Warriors!
One of the most famous games of Janken played in Japan is the AKB48 Janken Taikai (AKB48 Janken Tournament), where the winner is chosen to be the center for the new AKB48 music single. For those that don’t know AKB48, or Akihabara48, they are the most.

Fujita Nana single Migiashi Evidence PVs and release details
Fujita Nana (AKB48) (藤田奈那) as winner of the AKB48 6th Janken Taikai (Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament) gets debut single Migiashi Evidence (右足エビデンス) as reward. The single also includes coupling track Kimi wa Ima Made Dokoni Ita.

AKB48 5th Janken Taikai (Tournament) Preliminary Result
Over the weekend, the 48 Group held their first ever Summer Festival ( Natsu Matsuri ) that also coincide with the Janken Taikai Preliminary Round and the National Handshake Event. The Janken Taikai Preliminary was to select members from AKB48 Kenkyuusei.

Tanabe Miku crowned AKB48's janken queen
On October 10, AKB48 group's event 'AKB48 Group Unit Single Soudatsu Janken Taikai' was held at World Memorial Hall. The group's 7th janken tournament was held in the Kansai Region for the very first time. The participating members were assigned to seven.

AKB48’s Nana Okada and little sister cosplay as Re:Zero’s “Demon Twins” Ram and Rem
Re:Zero is definitely one of this year’s hottest anime, and that was made certain when the series made a special appearance during this year’s AKB48 Janken Taikai, which is a rock paper scissors tournament. During the tournament, AKB48 member.