Akb48 Jurina Matsui Kiss The Girls

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AKB48 recruiting part-timers for Y1,000 per hour
Megapopular all-girl idol group AKB48 is recruiting part-time new members ... In the commercial, Mayu Watanabe, Rino Sashihara, Yuki Kashiwagi, Jurina Matsui, Rena Matsui, Aya Yamamoto and Haruka Shimazaki appear.

AKB48 General Election Crowns Yuko Oshima
There was singing, there were tears, there was rock-paper-scissors, and in the end, with 108,837 votes, Yuko Oshima from Team K took the title of most popular girl in pop juggernaut AKB48's latest election. A full listing can be seen on AKB48's Senbatsu.

Japanese Kissgate: SKE48 girls do a Madonna – Britney Kiss! - The Japan Daily Press
While performing their new single “ Kiss Datte Hidarikiki” for the first time, members Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena of the SKE48 group pulled the famous Madonna – Britney Spears Kissgate stunt and surprised the audience with an impromptu lip lock.

An idol song written by a comedian? “Attakaindakara” is the latest craze in Japan 【Videos】 - RocketNews24
Unfortunately, there was no video to go along with the recording. Jurina Matsui from SKE48/ AKB48 seems to have gotten really into “Attakaindakara” as well. She posted this picture drawn by Team KII captain Airi Furukawa to her Google+ page on September&nbsp.

If Only Xbox Japan Was as Popular as This Girl
SKE48 is a Nagoya-based spin-off of AKB48, Japan's most popular idol group ... During the Kinect ad campaign, Rena Matsui, dressed as a schoolgirl, appeared with fellow SKE48 member Jurina Matsui (no relation) in commercials and even at the country's.

Want some canned Japanese idol air? Smartphone virtual crane game offering exactly that as prize
Kami no Te is already looking into new ways to commercialize air that’s come into contact with AKB48, as it’s considering such member-specific variations in this theme as: Air from the dressing room where Jurina Matsui was trying her hardest to.

Namco Bandai Makes Another AKB48 Dating Game
Namco Bandai developed a PSP game where players could date the girls from idol group AKB48 last year… and they shipped over 400,000 units of it. That should explain why AKB 1/48: I Fell in Love With an Idol in Guam is slated for release this fall.

Working to Make Everyone’s Dream Come True Until the End: Mayu Watanabe Graduation Concert
Once all the 17,000 fans took their seats, projection mapping of 7 golden eagles symbolizing the famous AKB48 Kami 7 filled the giant screens ... on stage with Sayaka Yamamoto, Jurina Matsui, Sakura Miyawaki, and Yui Yokoyama to perform the well known.

Details Single ke-33 AKB48 “Heart Ereki” - Today Idol
Single ke 33 AKB48 – Heart Electric (Heart Ereki) akan dirilis pada 30 Oktober. 4 edisi yang tersedia, satu untuk setiap tim AKB48 . Kojima Haruna telah dipilih untuk menjadi center pada single ini. Sebuah julukan khusus telah diberikan kepada setiap&nbsp.

Tekken's Pendulum Flip-Book Manga Gets Live-Action Film
Tetsuya Takeda will make a special appearance as a supporting character and Jurina Matsui (SKE48 and AKB48) will play a character showing off the film's pivotal wedding dress. Spanning from the Showa era to Heisei era, the film's story will explore the.

Microsoft taps schoolgirl idols for Xbox 360 Kinect launch
Lurking among the gamers gathered to buy Kinect were fans of the girl group SKE48 ... Microsoft enlisted Jurina Matsui and Rena Matsui, two members of the popular idol group SKE48, a spin-off of the ubiquitous AKB48. In ads for Kinect, both Jurina and.