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Man arrested at Keyakizaka46 handshake event: “I wanted to stab and kill her” - Arama Japan (press release)
In July 2014, AKB48 members Rina Kawaei and Anna Iriyama (as well as a staff member and fans present at the event) were attacked by a crazed man wielding a saw. In May of 2016, idol Mayu Tomita, formerly of Secret Girls fame, was at an event in&nbsp.

2016 Live-Action Death Note film casts former AKB48 idol Rina Kawaei - RocketNews24
The official website for this year's live-action Death Note film revealed that former AKB48 idol group member Rina Kawaei ( Azumi : Bakumatsu-hen stage play) plays Sakura Aoi, a girl who possesses one of the six Death Notes in the film. She is.

新上位日本妹妹! 認識川榮李奈 - Esquire Hong Kong (新聞發布)
Esquire Hong Kong (新聞發布.

In Japan, Teenage Girls Folding Paper Cranes Has Taken on a Whole New Meaning - VICE News
The tolerance for JK business also arguably extends to AKB48 , an enormously popular all-girl "idol" group. (Idols are young starlets who are singers, actresses, models, and TV personalities, and whose public personas emphasize a girlish cuteness.)&nbsp.

Super Junior's Kyuhyun sings of 'Celebration' in his first Japanese single short PV! - allkpop
For his title track "Celebration" MV, Kyuhyun has paired up with former AKb48 member Kawaei Rina ! Regarding the MV, Kyuhyun commented, " Kawaei Rina was very understanding of my beginner Japanese. It's my first time acting with a Japanese actress,&nbsp.

AKB48 members deserve to get workers' comp for saw attack - The Japan Times
On May 25, a man wielding a saw attacked and wounded 19-year-old Rina Kawaei and 18-year-old Anna Iriyama, two members of bumper girl group AKB48 , and a male staffer at an event where fans get to shake hands with their AKB idols. Fortunately the&nbsp.

AKB48 fan shows his love the only way he knows how: By buying $300000 worth of CDs - ROCKETNEWS24
By far the most coveted prizes are those handed out by Japan's biggest musical act, AKB48 . The loyalty of the supergroup's fans is legendary, but even with their reputation proceeding them, we're shocked at just how much cash the unit squeezed out of.

Kawaei Rina Pilih Lulus dari AKB48 Karena Trauma - Wow Keren
Perombakan AKB48 Diumumkan Bersama Judul Single ke-40 Showbiz Liputan6.com.

Man jailed for attacking Japan's AKB48 girl band - BBC News
AKB48 attack: Man jailed for slashing teenage members of Japanese girl band The Independent.

Member AKB48 Kawaei Rina Menjadi Peserta 'AKB Chalenge UCAN' - Today Idol
Telah terungkap bahwa member AKB48 Kawaei Rina yang dikenal sebagai member yang paling bodoh di group telah terpilih sebagai peserta proyek sertifikat studi. Proyek ini disebut ' AKB Chalenge UCAN!', Salah satu kampanye PR oleh UCAN,&nbsp.