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Fallen idol Nori-P emerges as survivor of 'bullying' culture
Funny, no mention of her kid and what that poor child has ... I say this speculatively, of course, but look at the major movie award Yuko Oshima just won. Look at how well Maeda Atsuko has done since being part of AKB. And my God, Rena Matsui has been.

Yamashita and Maeda reunite for slacker dramedy
Filmed by Yamashita, the ads featured Atsuko ... image Maeda had projected in her former incarnation as a leader of girl group AKB48. “That was the start; I was asked to make shorts showing the four seasons,” Yamashita tells The Japan Times in an.

Film Society of Lincoln Center Announces 2013 New York Asian Film Festival Lineup
Starring Japanese megastar Atsuko Maeda (lead singer of the enormously popular group, AKB48) as a shy high-schooler who moves ... A giddy, nostalgic, really funny joyride through the history of Taiwanese film. Never before has a haunted appliance had.

ONE TAKE ON JAPANESE CINEMA: No man is an island (in Hiroshima)
Its protagonist is the auspiciously-named Eikichi (Ryuhei Matsuda), a singer in an obscure Tokyo-based punk band who pays a belated visit to his hometown of Tobishima island in Hiroshima with his pregnant girlfriend Yuka (Atsuko Maeda) in tow. His Yazawa.

17 Minutes in Heaven With AKB48
Not just any four, either—there is Minami "Takamina" Takahashi (18), soon-to-be captain of Team A and arguably the group's alpha personality; along with Atsuko "Acchan" Maeda (18), the de facto "face of AKB48" based ... the game "so funny", Oshima.

The making of Japanese virtual popstar Eguchi Aimi
Eguchi Aimi has been created using the hair and body of AKB48 band member Yuko Oshima, while her facial shape is taken from Takahashi Minami. She has Maeda Atsuko's eyes, Watanabe Mayu's eyebrows, Itano Tomomi's nose and Shinoda Mariko's mouth. The band's.

Shock Till You Drop’s 2014 Halloween Horror Movie Guide – A Look at 50 Films!
Yes, a Halloween horror movie guide already. I always feel like September is a time of soft preparation for the juggernaut that is October. You’re thinking about what kind of costume you’re going to pull together. You’re also likely going through.

Can Tokyo learn from the American political 'matsuri'?
For those not up on their Japanese pop, Atsuko Maeda's surprise announcement that she was leaving mega-pop idol group AKB48 in March got as much ... from its smartphones once in awhile at the American political matsuri.

Comedian’s Impersonation of AKB 48’s Yuko Oshima is “spot on”
First place was taken this year by Atsuko Maeda. Korokke, now 51, uploaded the picture of his impersonation of the 23-year-old pop star to his personal blog, which was met with praise from the Internet community who claimed it “spot on.” Indeed.