Akb48 Majisuka Gakuen Concert

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Actors and Actressess who had mixed race
Father is Japanese and Mother is Filipino. he didn't admit nor deny that rumors... some say it is so hard to be in showbiz industry in japan if you are a half filipino "i do remember jun in PDA cried because he wanted to be famous in japan not in phils.

Remember when Snsd appeared in a drama as delinquents during their rookie days?
I really wanna watch something like this. majisuka gakuen is an ongoing, season spanning jdrama about japanese female delinquents. all of the actresses are akb48 girls. i recommend it, its campy, fun and the girls are cute. it has a similar feel to the.

Begini Suasana Haru di Konser Kelulusan Kawaei Rina AKB48 - Today Idol
Pada 2 Agustus 2015 lalu, AKB48 menggelar konser hari kedua ' AKB48 Manatsu no Tandoku Concert in Saitama Super Arena ~Kawaei-san no Koto ga Sukideshita~' di Saitama Super Arena. Di hari kedua ini konser dibagi menjadi 2 yakni konser siang hari&nbsp.

AKB48 thanks China for 3/11 aid with Beijing concert
“Thank you for supporting us at the time of the disaster,” AKB48 member Ayaka Umeda said. “We’d like to perform live concerts all over the world this year, including in China.” AKB48 is popular in China and around 14,000 fans applied for the 500.

The next dating sim from Japan features million-year-old grannies and high school drama
Like the Hulk, after he hit rock-bottom and joined AKB48. (You scoff, but you know Marvel just started writing the treatment.) Like any other dating sim, you make choices as the game progresses, affecting the plot of the story and the eventual outcome.

[Critique] Majisuka Gakuen saison 1 : votre J-Drama spécial rentrée ! - Just Focus (Communiqué de presse)
d'entre vous ont déjà préparé leurs cartables, d'autres ont repris le travail. Eh bien nous aussi , on ne pouvait pas passer à côté d'un drama scolaire : Majisuka Gakuen un drama culte pour les fans d'idoles japonaises et surtout du célèbre groupe.

From Akiba to LA with AKB48 - Anime News Network
the young women of AKB48 are all about reaching out to fans. At Anime Expo 2010, they held an exclusive meet-and-greet, two autograph sessions, a concert , and a focus panel—and were still so busy with other activities in Japan that they had to.

Fate Is #1 Franchise in Collective CD, Book, Video Sales for March
Assassination Classroom ranked second with 1,202.9 million yen (about US$10.0 million), followed by Majisuka Gakuen, a television drama starring members of the AKB48 idol group, with 1,192.0 million yen (about US$9.9 million). Oricon also publishes a.

High school student expelled for having sex, sues school for Y6 million
Last December, a student at Seiwa Gakuen High School in Sendai City was called into the principal’s office and told that he faced expulsion for the offense of engaging in sexual activity with a girl he was dating. However, he was given the option to.