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AKB48, world’s largest pop group, to play Cherry Blossom Festival
Think about “Baby One More Time”-era Britney Spears. Add a touch of “Glee.” Now, multiply that by 57. That’s the math behind AKB48, the Japanese girl group so big that it holds the Guinness Record for the world’s largest pop group: 57.

Odd election picks Japan's largest pop group
But the election isn't for a president, but for an "angel" in the world's largest pop group AKB48. A total of 322 members are in ... a 27-year-old Canadian who voted in the elections online from 2010 to 2012 and founded the Japanese pop culture site.

MechaIke AKB48 Special, Kawaei Rina becomes Center Baka, and other highlights
This is a quick recap of today’s episode of comedy TV show “MechaIke”. Titled “AKB48 Who’s the Center Baka!?” (Who is the dumbest AKB48 member!?), in the show, members take a term end exam to examine their academic ability. Needless to say.

Japan gripped by TV election of pop group AKB48
There was no place for greying, middle-aged men in dark suits - the candidates were dozens of teenagers and women in their early 20s, all vying for the title of president of the J-pop phenomenon AKB48. In a contest that has gripped Japan for weeks.

Japanese pop star shaves off her hair and makes a tearful public apology for staying night with boyfriend she's forbidden to have
A member of the popular girl band AKB48, Miss Minegishi explained she decided to cut off her long hair immediately after seeing the photos of her leaving 19-year-old Alan Shirahama's house with her face hidden behind a surgical mask and a baseball cap.

AKB48 monthly newspaper on sale
50 year old perverts will be happy about this. Can't have an article about AKB48 without a comment containing the word pervert...as if the guys who keep saying it would not happily have trists with half the band! I can only imagine that the impossibility.

AKB48 is the Girl Group to End All Girl's Groups
Nowhere is this more apparent than in the case of AKB48. Originally a 48-member all-girl pop group with a rotating line-up, it has become one of Japan's most popular pop groups ever. Record sales in 2012 topped $226 million. What's the secret of the.