Akb48 member popularity rankings

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Chinese audition program 'Birth of a Star' blatantly plagiarizes 'Produce 101' - allkpop
I was a huge fan of 48 group & 46 group ( akb48 , hkt48, nogi46 etc). Produce 101 is more to survival shows. Akb senbatsu just a program to decide yearly ranking within a group, which all of them are already debuted as a member of the group. To make it.

The BBC Airs Documentary on Idols and Their Fans - Arama Japan (press release)
With these guys, I don't have to worry about social rank and obligations. If it wasn't for this, I'd be alone forever. ... Anyone that follows Japanese music knows that the AKB48 brand name is bigger than that of any of its members , most of whom aren't.

Perfume Tops LINE's Female Idol Group Popularity Survey - Arama Japan (press release)
LINE recently asked its users who is their favorite female idol group. The response was enormous, with 568,344 users responding, during the week of July 20 – 28. This ranking shows an overall count, but also breaks down the results based on gender and&nbsp.

The world's oddest election
As Japan's most popular and highest-earning girl pop group, AKB48 sold over 50 million CDs since launching in 2005, ranking in the top four highest ... genius' "This 'friendly competition' between the members and fans is pretty genius, it guarantees.

AKB48 ‘election’ shows marketing brilliance
Voters fill out a ballot to determine the most popular member of the sprawling group, who becomes the school-uniform-clad face of AKB48 for the next year, earning the right to be the center performer during live performances. The lower rankings matter.

Chinese teenagers dance to new generation of girl bands - Financial Times
Last month, the group's backers raised more than Rmb1bn ($150m) from investors, eager to tap into a popularity that saw it sell 2m albums in China last year to teenage girls enamoured with its songs about romance, princesses and beach holidays.

This Japanese Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament Is Probably The Most Intense Thing You've Ever Seen - BuzzFeed News
The group has over 100 members who are split into teams that can rotate and appear at different events simultaneously. The winner of this year's competition – also known as the Janken tournament – would become the center of a new seven- member unit.

AKB48 tops Yahoo! celebrity search term ranking for 3rd consecutive year
Japan annual celebrity search term ranking. According to the search giant, AKB48 was the most popular Japanese celebrity search term among Japanese people for the third consecutive year in 2012. Former AKB48 members Atsuko Maeda and Tomomi Itano.

What Japan can tell us about the future of music - The Spinoff
The five group members on the video I saw aren't even part of a consistent group – following the logic of super-large groups like AKB48 , the members of You'll Melt More are continually changing and most of the original line-up have 'graduated' to other.

AKB48 management firm 'reviewing' Shanghai sister group amid 'contractual violations' - The Japan Times
that year, two members of AKB48 , Sae Miyazawa and Mariya Suzuki, were moved to the Shanghai affiliate. Like the Japanese group, the Shanghai group performs in theaters and has held “general elections” in which members are ranked by popularity.

Korean girl groups regain popularity in Japan - 동아일보
News that Twice, which has three Japanese as members , was gaining explosive popularity in Korea, has gone viral and has spread to young Japanese people. Japanese girl groups' fading ... Lee said, " AKB48's CDs are purchased by hundreds of Otakus, while.