Akb48 Member Popularity Rankings

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Election for Chinese idol group SNH48, spin-off of Japan’s AKB48, draws record numbers as owners eye expansion across the country
In the end, the top three positions in the massive popularity ... have topped the rankings for the second year running, but as ever more members are added to the groups (each outfit now has more than the original 48 members that AKB48 and SNH48 started.

AKB48 tops Yahoo! celebrity search term ranking for 3rd consecutive year
Japan annual celebrity search term ranking. According to the search giant, AKB48 was the most popular Japanese celebrity search term among Japanese people for the third consecutive year in 2012. Former AKB48 members Atsuko Maeda and Tomomi Itano.

AKB48 and sexual politics
The popularity of the 88 members of AKB48 are voted on constantly in online polls and by the number of hits for Web page views and goods purchased. These rankings are obsessively tracked, and the group members’ status and, presumably, compensation depend.

All the artistes performing at Anime Festival Asia's 'I Love Anisong' concerts
Nogizaka46 The official rival of Japanese female idol group AKB48, Nogizaka46 debuted in 2012. Their popularity is apparent with their singles and albums topping the Oricon charts (Japanese CD sales ranking). With a total of 46 members, only 15 — Asuka.

AKB48 song starts dance craze from grannies to taxi drivers
But by dancing without worrying about our rank and age ... The 32nd single by AKB48 was released in August. It is performed by the first 16 members who won the most votes in the nationwide "general election," a popularity contest of members of AKB48.

AKB48 share this year’s general election single
The AKB48 general election season kicks off later this month, and this form of democracy simply sets about ranking who the most popular member of the biggie-sized group - and the various spin-off and sister units around Japan - really is. To vote.

AKB48's girl power still strong after 10 years
Oogoe Diamond" (Shout diamond), the group's first single since transferring to King Records, reached No. 3 in the Oricon weekly music rankings ... AKB48. The group's first "general election," a popularity contest in which fans vote for their favorite.

AKB48 Tops Billboard Japan's 2016 Artist Ranking: See the List
Billboard's sister organization Billboard Japan has unveiled its Artist Ranking for 2016 and AKB48 nabbed the spot ... the annual "Senbatsu Sousenkyo" (a popularity contest where fans can vote for their favorite member resulting in the winning members.

The world's oddest election
As Japan's most popular and highest-earning girl pop group, AKB48 sold over 50 million CDs since launching in 2005, ranking in the top four highest ... genius' "This 'friendly competition' between the members and fans is pretty genius, it guarantees.

AKB48: Is the Sum More Than the Parts?
Mr. Aso is known for his controversial comments and the occasional gaffe, and his latest remarks on Japan’s most popular ... members’ individual talents clashes with one of the group’s core concepts: Getting fans to root for specific girls in AKB48.