Akb48 Nagai Hikari Mvd

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SNH48 won the Oriental Billboard Newcomer Award! (东方风云榜新人奖), release of SNH Theatre Memorial DVD and more
The Oriental Billboard Newcomer Award is a Chinese Chart for Chinese Artists that ... The DVDs are: Team SII 1st Stage Saishuu Bell ga Naru, Team SII 2nd Stage Nagai Hikari and Team NII 1st Stage Theater no Megami. 2. First SNH48 Photobook, including.

Spring 2012 Anime Season Preview
There’s Tezuka, Go Nagai…errmmm…that’s kind of it ... That’s all I needed to know. This. An AKB48 anime. It was going to happen eventually. In fact, it did happen before, with the anime Project Ice, which I still class as one of, if not the.

Rina Kawaei Smiles Until the Very End at Her AKB48 Theater Graduation Live!
Rina Kawaei took a step towards the next chapter in her life as she left the AKB48 Theater stage for the final time ... raised on Kawaei’s graduation performance. The first song, “Nagai Hikari”, by Kawaei and fellow 11th generation member Natsuki.

JKT48 discography and filmography
They are covers of AKB48 songs. Set List: 1. "Overture" 2. "Cahaya Panjang" (Nagai Hikari) 3. "Di Tengah Hujan Badai Tiba-Tiba" (Squall no Aida Ni) 4. "Gadis SMA Putri Tidur" (JK Nemurihime) 5. "Jatuh Cinta Setiap Bertemu Denganmu" (Kimi ni Au Tabi Koi wo.

Winners of the 9th Seiyuu Awards
The winners of the 9th Seiyuu Awards were announced today during a special broadcast on the radio station Chou! A&G+. The program was hosted by seiyuu Ruriko Aoki, with Rina Satou and Yui Ishikawa as guests. The ceremony for the 9th Seiyuu Awards will be.

Hikari Tachibana
Hikari Tachibana ( 橘ひかり Tachibana Hikari, born September 18, 1973) is a Japanese voice actress . Notably, she performs the voices of Princess Zelda and Tetra in the video game The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and had a minor role in two episodes.

Kawa no Hikari Review – 75/100
Here’s a new TV-special that aired recently: Kawa no Hikari, or the light of the river. It’s not your average anime, because it tells the story about a bunch of rats who have to leave their old home because it’s destroyed by construction workers.

Hashire! Mirai with GLAY (Opening theme to “Daiya no A”)
GLAY’s new song “Hashire! Mirai” has been chosen as the opening song for TV Tokyo’s anime “Daiya no A” (“Ace of Diamond”). TERU commented: “I loved reading “Daiya no A”. I never thought that GLAY would be in charge of its theme song.

Are individual members of JKT48 capable singers?
Some of the ex-members are really good in singing (e.g. Noella / Stella - for Stella you can hear it on the intro of the “Nagai Hikari” / Cahaya Panjang song of JKT48). But for the others, I’m not really sure. Yet the harmonies from their voices.

Winners and Nominees for the 58th Japan Record Awards Announced
Today TBS (the Tokyo Broadcasting System) has published both this year’s set of winners for the Japan Record Awards as well as the nominees for the Song of the Year and Best New Artist categories. The Japan Record Awards are a Japanese music awards.