Akb48 Nagisa No Cherry Tokyo Dome

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Japan votes on the musical act they most want to see in Olympic opening ceremony
Commenters need not worry, however. These results simply express who members of the public want to see at the opening ceremony and may not be what we’ll see on stage in seven years, especially with AKB48 who probably will have become a completely.

Shelf Life - Dead Girl Walking
Alright, welcome to Shelf Life. As a casual AKB48 ... Nagisa; and the headstrong Chieri, the girls discover that being idols isn't just glam and singing—they also have to skilled in combat, in order to face all the anti-music forces who have no problem.

To infinity and beyond
The glass dome over Tokyo Sealife ... I asked Kanai-san. “No comparison,” he said. “This one will blow any amusement park ride out of the water.” Beauty meets the beast, and rides him, in Edogawa. Two Pony Lands, one in Nagisa, and the other.