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Election for Chinese idol group SNH48, spin-off of Japan's AKB48, draws record numbers as owners eye expansion ... - South China Morning Post
Many of AKB48's characteristics – in particular its fetishisation of schoolgirl imagery and an apparent focus on a meek conception of femininity – remain core to SNH48. But Japanese names for idols have been dropped for new members, and the group claim&nbsp.

Watch U2 perform ‘Where The Streets Have No Name’ during first night of ‘The Joshua Tree’ tour
They also played the full eleven tracks of ‘The Joshua Tree’, including single ‘Where The Streets Have No Name’. You can see footage of that performance below. Meanwhile, fans were left queuing outside the stadium as openers Mumford & Sons began.

Proposed bill says no tax return, no name on ballot
Proposed bill says no tax return, no name on ballot The bill is aimed at President Donald Trump who hasn't released his tax returns, but it's unlikely to get a vote. Check out this story on Freep.com: http://on.freep.com/2mrE6bC Embed Share LANSING.

The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman explains why there'll never be a cure - DigitalSpy.com
Kirkman continued: "But as far as actually trying to solve the thing, I've always thought that one of the best things about this show is that it's not about scientists and it's not about people that would take that on as a task, because I feel like.

The shocking world of Japanese pop music where teen singers are unashamedly idolised by MUCH older men - The Sun
YOU may or may not have heard about AKB48 . But let me introduce you to the hyper-sexual group of 150 young women has hit the press for more reasons than just record sales in the last few years. The biggest name in J-pop, the teen sensation has gained&nbsp.

No Name Change For Brooklyn Street Named After Confederate General
In June, U.S. Representative Yvette Clarke spearheaded an effort to change the name of General Lee Avenue ... "To me it should be a no brainer, particularly on a military installation, that it's inappropriate to commemorate individuals who were part.

Haruna Koijima officially graduates from AKB48 - Arama Japan (press release) (blog)
Today marks the official graduation of AKB48 member Haruna Koijima. Haruna's graduation was announced back in June 2016, but her graduation concert ... In 2008 she was selected to be a member of the successful sub-group No Sleeves, alongside Minami.

“Your Name” to Make it's Way Overseas to North America - Arama Japan (press release) (blog)
There seems to be no stopping the anime juggernaut know as “Your Name “. It has not only received love in it's home country of Japan, but in China, Korea and the rest of Asia. Now it gets ready to get some more love (and money) from those in North America.

Girl power - Bangkok Post
including right here in Thailand with BNK48. BNK48 are now ready to release their debut singles — “Aitakatta: Yak Cha Dai Phop Thoe (I Wanna Meet You),” “Oogoe Diamond: Kor Chop Hai Ru Wa Chop (I Want You to Know I Like You)” and “365 Nichi No.

8 experiences worth visiting Japan for - The Australian Financial Review
Tokyo's Akihabara neighbourhood is famous for its maid cafes, where everything on the menu is kawaii (cute) and if it doesn't have a face on it, it comes with an accompanying performance - like a maid shaking a cocktail while saying your name (you.

Odd election picks Japan's largest pop group - WSYR
As Japan's most popular and highest-earning girl pop group, AKB48 sold over 50 million CDs since launching in 2005, ranking in the top four highest selling music groups in Japan. Their last single "Negaigoto no Mochigusare," was recently released on.

AKB48 ‘election’ shows marketing brilliance
The people behind AKB48 are also using this election as a chance to spread the group’s name internationally ... The next week might be full of spectacle, but that spectacle is pretty smart. The AKB48 General Election will be broadcast on Fuji Television.

Meet AKB48 - the girl band labelled too 'embarrassing' for the Tokyo Olympics - Telegraph.co.uk
AKB48 – which has about 140 rotating members ranging from their teens to early 20s – has been called “embarrassing” and “the shame of Japan.” Pretty strong .... The group have a number of TV programmes to their name , such as AKBINGO! and reality shows.