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One Punch Man's TV Ads Introduce Title Hero in October Anime
The website for the television anime of ONE and Yuusuke Murata's One-Punch Man manga began streaming a television commercial in 30- and 15-second lengths on Sunday. Like the third promotional video last week, the ads feature the opening theme song "The Hero.

Namco Bandai Makes Another AKB48 Dating Game
Namco Bandai developed a PSP game where players could date the girls from idol group AKB48 last year… and they shipped over ... Your goal is to get one of the idols to confess their love for you. Perhaps, the big difference between the two titles is.

Your turn to shoot AKB47, alongside your BFFAKB
You can pick one of seven AKB48 members to fight alongside you ... “The Legend of Zelda,” “Punch-Out!” and “Metroid.” These games are for those who like to get nostalgic — with a twist. They offer new spins on old favorites, such as.

Japan kicks its ‘loophole herb’ drug habit
From a man falling off his bicycle while stoned on it last September, to a motorist driving onto a sidewalk in front of Ikebukuro Station in Tokyo last June, killing one pedestrian and ... Moto Azabu neighborhood. Given AKB48’s squeaky-clean public.

Jackets So Badass, They'll Punch Your Teeth In
So just because someone is wearing one of these, it doesn't mean they've done time in ... Kanagawa's Okuma Shoukai, which outfitted idols AKB48 in sukajan for a TV drama, is the sukajan retailer. Check out its wearable wares here.

Bandai Prepares to Ship "One-Punch Man" Oppai Hoodie
Leading into last month's premiere, Bandai Visual prepared for the debut of the One-Punch Man anime with a preview of hoodies inspired by Saitama's trademark, classy "oppai" ensemble. Initially released back in September, they now have a second shipping.

'One Punch Man' Oppai Hoodie Gets Second Batch Courtesy Of Baindai Visual
After initially selling out of the product, today it was announced that Bandai Visual would sell a new batch of the "One Punch Man" oppai hoodie. The hoodie which features a somewhat nsfw design worn by Saitama in the series, is currently selling for 5,940yen.

Japanese girl band singers suffer horrific hand and head injuries after crazed fan attacks them with a 50-centimetre SAW
The 24-year-old was arrested by police on Sunday, about 1pm, after he evaded a large contingent of security who were patting down people and checking bags on entry to the AKB48 concert ... apparently from one of the young women, translated as saying.

Fan witnessed Chen on an outing with D.O. and Jo In Sung?
Chen, who was one of the guests on the program's February 24 episode, explained, "I sang the OST for SBS's 'It's Okay That's Love.' D.O. was in the drama, and thanks to him, I got to attend the dinner party [Jo In Sung]." SEE ALSO: EXO's Chen to make an.

Get A Hero For Fun With Threezero’s 1/6 Scale ‘One Punch Man’ Figure
There have been a lot of action figures made for a lot of superheroes over the years, but I don’t think there’s ever been a figure made of a hero less suited for “action” than ThreeZero‘s brand-new 1/6 scale figure of Saitama from One Punch Man.