Akb48 Pocky Game Pics

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Commercials: a lot of celebrities in the west won't touch them with a borrowed pole. After working hard to build up their portfolio and making themselves a household name, for many professional actors the mere thought of putting their face on an.

Game Boy Advance Shooter Pocky & Rocky With Becky Gets Rated Down Under
A rating for the 2002 Game Boy Advance title Pocky & Rocky with Becky has appeared on the Australian Classification Board site. The game — which launched in Japan in 2001 as Kiki Kaikai Advance — has been given a "G" rating, which indicates "Very Mild.

WATCH: Japanese game show contestant forced to eat bug
The clip is from an episode last month of the game show AKBingo — which stars members of the all-female musical pop group AKB48 who play dodge ball and then whomever gets hit with the ball has to pay a variety of penalties, reports AsiaOne. In this.

No Man’s Sky has been updated for the third time since Atlas Rises.
No Man’s Sky has been updated for the third time since Atlas Rises. The 1.33 patch fixes a lot of small issues, like missing mission markers and text truncation. It also makes it so the terrain editor isn’t built with a full charge—dammit.

AKB48 PSP Game Sequel Announced: "AKB 1/48: If I Loved an Idol in Guam"
Bandai Namco Games anounced yesterday they are making a sequel to the AKB48 PSP game "AKB 1/48 ... and a special box. More pictures from the game at the 4gamer link below.

Meet AKB48 - the girl band labelled too 'embarrassing' for the Tokyo Olympics
AKB48 – which has about 140 rotating members ranging from ... of the Olympic organising committee executive board - proposed the girls to sing at the games, Japanese TV celebrity Matsuko Deluxe said: “Please use somebody for the opening and closing.

AKB48 Idol Group Looking For Temporary "Onee-san" Member
The popular AKB48 idol group is looking for a temporary member for its Papico ... Papico is a snack by Japanese snack giant Ezaki Glico, the creators of Pocky. Papico is an novelty icecream that comes in a tube, like a sherbet version of Go-Gurt.

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Pocky gets elegantly mature with new flavor designed to be paired with red wine
Now Glico is taking inspiration from another adult beverage, as its newest offering, Pocky Goddess Ruby, is meant to be enjoyed while sipping on red wine. Although the Adult Amber contained malt extract, Goddess Ruby was created to enhance your wine.

The world's oddest election
AKB48 even spawned their own manga series, video games and several sister groups, like Shanghai's SNH48, Jakarta's JKT48 and Manila's MNL48. But what sets them apart from other pop groups is their mantra: "idols who you can go and meet." They hold regular.

Pokémon: 15 Things You Never Knew About Jessie and James
In “Spring Fever”, Todd, a Pokémon photographer, takes a couple photos of a Pokémon battle against Team ... The famous idol group AKB48 began performing personal theater when they were in elementary school. However, there is usually one major.

Neptunia Idol Game’s Story Is About The CPUs Vs. Idol Group MOB48
All of the sudden an idol game appears and MOB48 (a joke referencing the actual idol group AKB48) is taking share away from the CPUs. You have to get it back by earning stage points during live performances. Each show the number of fans and haters will.