Akb48 Ponytail To Shushu Off Vocal

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Schoolgirl Singers Promoting Kinect In Japan
Besides recording their own songs, members of SKE48 do appear on AKB48 singles like Ponytail to Shushu, etc.) The 13-year-old Jurina and the 19-year-old Rena will also make up a special spin-off unit called, wait for it, "Kinect" and will even be.

AKB48 Live in Concert
So goes the opening cadenza of "RIVER," the late-2009 hit that catapulted AKB48 into the J-pop stratosphere ... the new summer single "Ponytail to Shushu," and finally—one more farewell song—"Hikoukigumo." After an hour and a half of unbridled joy.

Brace yourselves, because panty-scrunchies are now real, buyable accessories
Not that we like to brag or anything, but we totally called the newest fashion trend to hit Japan: panty scrunchies! One year ago, we posted an article about how some Japanese net users were having a hard time seeing the difference between hair.

Erika Sawajiri in lingerie most watched YouTube video in Japan this year
The video shows Sawajiri in various states of dress and some semi-nude poses, including lying down on a bed in lingerie. The No. 1 watched music video was "Ponytail to Shushu" by AKB48.

Racy pop distracts from lip service
“Don’t take off my sailor suit,” was one Onyanko lyric, reprised in the AKB48 song “Poniteru to Shushu” (“Ponytail and Scrunchie”): “Don’t undo my ponytail/I want to stay a girl.” Female idols aren’t as sustainable as male.