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Atlus has announced that Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth for 3DS arrives in North America on Octob
Atlus has announced that Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth for 3DS arrives in North America on October 17. The launch edition of the game comes with a music CD and 24-page art book. To celebrate the release date, enjoy a video of the Fencer’s nameplate.

These geriatric pop queens have all of Japan dancing
KBG84, a play on the name of Japanese girl group AKB48, has taken the country by storm with their hit song “Come On and Dance Kohama Island.” The upbeat island tune serves as a reminder that age is just a number when you’re young at heart.

Princesses or Patriots? China Girl Group Seeks AKB48′s Pop-Idol Crown
Watch out, AKB48. A new crew of contenders from China is coming for your girl-group crown. 56 Flowers is their name, and singing China’s praises is their game. Banking on a home market 1.4 billion people strong, the Chinese troupe is set on surpassing.

The Business: On Best Buy's Recent Issues and How Anime is (Already) Affected
Assuming you haven't lived under a rock for the past couple of weeks, Best Buy recently released its 4th quarter sales numbers and they're pretty grim: A loss of more than a billion dollars with plans to close a total of 50 stores. I've got the complete.

Japanese fans are waving around blue plastic garbage bags at today’s World Cup match…
Every country has their fair share of crazy fans dressed in garb ranging from carrot headdresses to scarves with the power of 1000% elephants, but the Japanese supporters are by far our all-around favorite. During their first match against Côte d.

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Firstly before I read this, i had no idea this game existed, so thanks for advertising it so widely JT. I'm sure the US government will keep people from googling and downloading it since its already plastered everywhere on the net. Secondly if someone.