Akb48 sayonara crawl type 1

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Taiko: Drum Master Wii U Version Bringing the Beat to Japan in November
It's certainly good news for the Wii U's fortunes in Japan, therefore, that Taiko: Drum Master Wii U Version will be released on 21st November. It'll support up to four players and various control options — off-TV play will use button controls.

heynong comments
After the inaugration day, Trump tweeted the most dishonest human on that earth have twisted his 1.5 million audience were less than ... and drug addicts from other western nations. Japan needs more AKB48 for teen pop culture export. God bless the idols.

This Week In Sales: Ouch, Bayonetta 2
Last week saw the release of Bayonetta 2 in Japan, and the game—published by Nintendo, who also funded its development—sold 38,828 copies. That’s a far lower opening than the first Bayonetta, which was released back in 2009. The original Bayonetta.

Superfan buys treasure trove of idol-cover magazines, swims through it like Scrooge McOtakuduck - RocketNews24
In recent years, the idol singer industry in Japan has put a lot of power in the hands of fans. Multi-vocalist units like AKB48 and its numerous tri-letter, dual-digit sister groups often hold “elections,” in which votes are tallied to see which.

'Un-Deadliest Warrior?' Battle show pits zombies vs. vampires - CNN (blog)
In a nightmare throwdown between the fantasy world's two undead superstars, Max Brooks knows how it would go down. "For all of a vampire's physical characteristics, they're still human beings psychologically," he said. "They still fear. They still doubt.

POSTGAME NOTES: Peavy continues to struggle third time through; An update on Belt
A sacrifice fly gave the Brewers a 3-1 lead and the Giants would never make it back. “We’re aware of it,” Bochy said, when asked about the third-time-through issue. “That’s why we got him there in the sixth and let Guti finish that inning.

Target’s request that customers not bring guns in stores
Kudos to Target Corp. for banning guns in their stores and on their premises. Let’s hope the rest of corporate America looks at their policies and follows suit. Ann Freeman, Lakewood This letter was published in the July 7 edition.

AKB48 may be the pop the economy needs: ex-chief cabinet secretary Edano
The politician lauded the AKB48 business model in his contribution to the April 1 edition of Witchenkare magazine ... but seriously considered buying the group’s ‘Sayonara Crawl’ CD,” Edano said. The CD came with a voucher allowing the buyer.

Sayonara S2K, Guten Tag GTI
Yesterday, I traded the most hysterically fun car I have ever owned, a 2008 Honda S2000, for a new 2015 Volkswagen GTI 6-speed manual. Allow me to explain. I bought my S2000 two years ago while living in San Diego. It was the perfect car at the perfect.

Girl-group handshakes rock Japanese music
That was dwarfed by AKB48's "Sayonara Crawl," the No. 1 release, which sold 1.9 million copies. Sony auditioned 38,934 girls to select 33 members for the group. The company is adding 13 new members this year after a second round of auditions in May.

Bush declares war on Democratic Congress
I dropped it 4 years ago... ... after being a subscriber for almost 40 fucking years. They have a superb news department, and I was thinking this morning about how much I missed sitting down with my coffee and the news section. I was thinking of the dead.