Akb48 scandal kaskus forum

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Abe losing public's trust
High-handed policies to lift ban on collective self-defense and other rightists moves are undermining support for the ruling coalition Japan's quasi-army has hired Haruka Shimazaki, a member of the well-known AKB48 all-girl pop group, to help with recruitment.

House for sale in Indonesia -- with free wife
News of the offer quickly spread among Internet users in social media-crazy Indonesia. Boldies99, a user on popular online forum Kaskus, said Lia was "quite smart -- even though the house will be sold, she will remain the owner." Lia told AFP she was.

VIDEO: AKB48 Idol Shaves Head, Posts Apology After Sex Scandal
The announcement came via the Google + page of AKB48’s theater manager ... of team Trainee as her punishment for causing nuisance to the fans because of this scandal. This demotion will take effect on February 1, 2013. Moreover, we will give more.

K-pop Girl Transformer Group AOA to Showcase For First Time in Japan
They also added information about much awaited performance of the group stating, "AOA will be performing their own songs, and also perform their own arrangement of AKB48's 'Heavy Rotation'." AOA Black which is the band sub-unit of AOA is consisting namely.

After Glitzy G-20, Japan Offers Low-Key APEC
the day after the G-20 forum ends. South Korea put on a film festival and gathered the country’s biggest pop stars for a feel-good pop anthem. Japan’s wildly popular perky girl group AKB48 even gave one of their signature rousing performances at the.

AKB48 and sexual politics
According to pop music chart compiler Oricon, AKB48 grossed total sales of about ¥19.1 billion in 2012. The image of young women as submissive, chaste and dependent may sell well. It is also an image that reflects what the World Economic Forum found last.

Giant snake photo not from NC, despite rumors
Snopes claims the photo first appeared online in November 2012, when posted to the Kaskus Indonesian forum. Shortly after that, the photo appeared in an Indonesian news article. It was described as being taken on November 1, 2012 in the Belinyu district of.

Block B hold Japanese debut showcase with 5,000 fans and AKB48 and Golden Bomber in attendance
HAPPY NEW YEAR LIVE SHOW' was held at Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo, Japan on January 16-17 with 5,000 fans. Japanese artists including AKB48 and Golden Bomber were also part of the audience. Golden Bomber's Jun Utahiroba complimented Block B through his blog.

One finalist for AKB48 draft this year is just 11 years old
Japan’s 140-member supergroup AKB48 is holding its second annual draft next month, in which sub-teams will choose new members from a draft of 48 young hopefuls. And among the finalists is one of the youngest potential members the group has ever seen.

1st Pokémon XY Movie's New Trailer, Teasers, Darkrai Intro Posted
The new trailers feature the movie's theme song "Yoake no Ryūsei-gun" (Daybreak Meteor Shower) by the girl band SCANDAL. AKB48 idol member Mayu Watanabe ("Mayuyu") narrates the Pokémon short "Pikachu Kore Nanno Kagi?" (Pikachu, What's This Key For.