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Cross-dressing Matsuko Deluxe: AKB opening Tokyo Olympics 'would embarrass Japan'
This time the target of her ire is idol groups like AKB48. On a radio show this week, she slammed the idea of them performing for the Tokyo Olympics as “embarrassing.” The comments came as part of a discussion about the announcement by AKB48’s.

AKB48+Me is Good, Cheap Fun
Which is why, after I grabbed my imported Mint x White 3DS XL, I decided to get AKB48+Me. I wasn’t really sure why I did it. I suspect a big part was due to it being $11 from Play-Asia at the time. You can’t argue with such a ridiculously cheap price.

Bizarre Android malware disrupts bizarre Japanese girl-band election
Symantec recently discovered what it’s calling “bizarre malware” that has been created to infect Android phones of fans who are voting in Japan’s premier annual girl-band ... Wikipedia: “Given the large number of members in the group, AKB48.

What I learned from Wikipedia's most popular articles of 2012
Around the world, the Wikipedia rankings show that there continues to be a fascination in many ... witness the second most read Japanese article about AKB48—an all-girl idol group. Some other areas of interest will be even more mystifying to citizens.

The FBI Prospers by Feeding Fears
James Comey became FBI director last year, at a time when Osama bin Laden was dead, terrorism at home was on the decline and the United States was shrinking its inflammatory presence in the Muslim world. So naturally, he says the danger is way worse than.

Shelf Life - Idol Warship
Welcome to Shelf Life. I actually really love the AKB0048 anime ... "Aitakatta," "River," and "Heavy Rotation" are just a few of the AKB48 staples that make their way into the show. The use of rotoscoping for the dance numbers is clutch, too, and helps.

Nothing To See Here, Just Two Japanese Girls Trying To Blow A Cockroach Into Each Other’s Mouths
The above clip was taken from a Japanese variety show called AKBingo!, which — according to Wikipedia — stars a Japanese girl group called AKB48, who “participate in activities that include quizzes, sports and news.” I just thought that putting.

China tightens online video controls, scaring investors
Xi is due to be appointed to a second five-year term as party leader. Video streamed by users of Sina Weibo, AcFun and Phoenix New Media's ifeng.com contained "negative comments" about unspecified sensitive issues, the State Administration of Press.

In-debt idols send wrong message to girls
Since Japanese show business has no shortage of young women who want to ... In Akihabara, the home of the superstar idol collective AKB48 and the birthplace of maid cafes, the tour finds one side street that is almost entirely lined with teenage girls.

Rare Rides: Toyota Mega Cruiser Tells HMMWV to Step Outside
Beyond that, the English translation on the site is hilarious. …smooth handling,parking help,relaxable,no ABS,no ESC,barely damaged… So I did some poking around on Wikipedia for more information. Toyota produced the Mega Cruiser from 1995 through.