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Briefs in Brief: Top Underwear Developments in Japan
It appears Indore edges out MXP in the tale of the tape. MXP didn’t even show up to the fart, feces, and urine party, which suggests astronauts don’t have to worry about that. That should change since I heard the Korean ones get freeze dried kimchi.

Asian Pop Instagram star of the week
The boys have just released their fist come back MV "1004(Angel"), you can watch it here. What do you think of ... and Key is Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z! And the crew... Instagram star of the week has to go to Jamaica! Despite the fact she looks stunning.

City Employees Dancing to AKB48 Is Guaranteed to Make You Smile
Ever since AKB48 released the "Koi Suru Fortune Cookie" ("Fortune Cookie in Love") music video back in June, it's gained a life of its own as a peppy and indestructable meme. It all kind of started when a video was shot featuring all the employees of the.

One finalist for AKB48 draft this year is just 11 years old
Japan’s 140-member supergroup AKB48 is holding its second annual draft next month, in which sub-teams will choose new members from a draft of 48 young hopefuls. And among the finalists is one of the youngest potential members the group has ever seen.

Moderate exercise helps maintain mobility in older adults
the study recruited 1,635 sedentary men and women aged 70 to 89 to investigate how daily physical activity will prevent older adults' loss of mobility, defined in the study as the ability to walk 400 meters, or about a quarter of a mile. Although 400.

Japanese girl group 'AKB48' looking to add mature member
TOKYO-AFP) - Japanese commercial music juggernaut ... with the group and will be signed only until the summer. AKB48, one of the most lucrative groups of all time, is part pop act, part talent show, where a member's time on the front line is determined.

AKB48 Members Recovering After Attack, Theater Still Shut Down
A member of idol group AKB48 called into a live TV program Wednesday and gave ... But speaking over the phone during a show that aired from noon, she told viewers and other guests that her condition has been improving. “I’m doing fine,” Ms. Kawaei.

Section23 Films Announces September Anime Slate
To combat this threat to intergalactic harmony, a group of bold young women have resurrected the legendary J-Pop band AKB48 and formed ... of daring divas. The Blu-ray release of AKB0048: Season One includes all 13 first-season episodes, as well as.

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Set in Akihabara, the shopping area has been invaded by creatures known as "Synthisters" who prey on the patrons of Akihabara like vampires, feasting on their social energy and will to live.

Canceled PS4 Game Would Have Let You Play Team Deathmatch As Gnomes
Did you know a game about gnomes killing each other almost made it to the PS4? In the latest Unseen64 video, Liam Robertson reports that a shooter with the working title “Gnomageddon” was in development at Sony San Diego up until late last year.