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AFA Indonesia to Host Tomomi Itano as Musical Guest - Anime News Network
She starred in the 2009 Kamen Rider W live-action series as the character Queen alongside fellow AKB48 member Tomomi Kasai, who played the character Elizabeth. The name of their roles led to the name of their AKB48 sub -unit "Queen & Elizabeth.&quot.

Dementia is set to become a $2 trillion global crisis. Here’s why
People are receiving sub-standard or no care and stigma in many communities ... If global dementia costs were a country, it would be the 16th largest, in-between Indonesia and Mexico. Dementia already exceeds the market value of the world largest companies.

Singer Tomomi Itano Holds 1st Singapore Performance on October 8 - Anime News Network
Singaporean events and marketing agency SOZO announced on Friday that Tomomi Itano will hold a performance and fan meeting in Singapore for the first time on October 8 as part of the agency's Japan Music Festival platform. The event will take place at&nbsp.

Resmi Graduate, Haruka Copot Foto dan Disuruh Cari Pacar - KapanLagi.com
Saat show Senshuraku Haruka ini, Chikano Rina (Chikarina) yang juga sama-sama hasil transferan dari AKB48 , member tim KIII pun melontarkan harapannya. Yap, member yang juga aktif di sub -unit dangdut ini meminta teman satu kampungnya untuk segera.

BIOLA UNTUK ANISA, Noella Ex JKT48 Panjat Tebing Bawa High Heels - KapanLagi.com
Dan pas take adegan itu panas banget sampai aku kayak gosong gitu," kenang Noella ditemui di Grand Indonesia , kawasan Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat. Noella Sisterina rela panjat tebing dengan membawa high heels. ŠKapanLagi.com/Adi Abbas Nugroho.

Rizkan Records: Bringing sophistication to pop-punk genre
Whether or not Rizkan still harbors any bitterness about the split, he certainly does not show it. Far more eager to talk about the bands on his roster, Rizkan says that one of the goals is to realign pop-punk’s image from being easy-to-play, whiny-sung.

VIDEO: Kana Hanazawa's First Starring Film "Kimi ga Inakucha Dame Nanda" Trailer - Crunchyroll News
Hanazawa plays a picture book writer An Kanade, alongside 53-year-old actor Shigemitsu Ogi as her father who returns from a long time disappearance. The film follows a strange relationship between them. She also performs the theme song for the film.

Clean cookstove market needs 'wholesale reappraisal' — Rachel Kyte
The report analyzes flows of international and domestic finance toward increasing energy access to 20 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia between ... to meet clean cooking needs. “Indicators show that the problem is becoming bigger rather than.

Love Live!'s μ's Is Japan's 8th Best-Selling Musical Act of 2015 - Anime News Network
The film also screened in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei, and Indonesia . The film earned US$115,840 on 28 theaters during its United States run in&nbsp.

Berhasil Kalahkan Senior, Ini Kata Anak 'Baru' Senbatsu JKT48 - KapanLagi.com
JKT48 ini tiba-tiba berkesempatan terpilih sekaligus menjadi center untuk single ke 14 JKT48 'Love Trip' kelak. tak hanya itu Sinka yang juga member sub unit 4 Gulali ini juga akan mewakili Jakarta untuk bertarung dengan member AKB48 di Kobe Jepang.

Trip to outer space for Thai woman - Bangkok Post
A Thai woman will spend six minutes in space next year, after winning a ride in a Lynx Mark II sub -orbital spacecraft. Pirada Techavijit, a satellite control team leader of the Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency, is one of 23.

Man seeking 'random murder' attacks pop stars with saw - New York Post
Japanese pop group AKB48 cancels fan events after saw-wielding man injures two idols and employee South China Morning Post.

When a teen pop star breaks J-pop 'bushido' code
AKB48 comprises four teams of around 20 members who rotate to play at ... Video clips show performers in skimpy miniskirts, passing food from mouth to mouth or taking baths together. "It's the same as art versus obscenity," Akimoto told CNN.

AKB48 Takes Equal Parts Choir, Slumber Party and Beauty Pageant, Mixes Well - AdAge.com
It's not clear what changes will have to be made for Indonesia , a majority Muslim country, as AKB48 treads a fine line between "kawaii" (Japanese for "cute") and over-the-top. The most-viewed video on its YouTube channel -- NSFW, and with more than 55&nbsp.

Hulu Horror Series Crow's Blood's Teaser Show AKB48 Idols (Updated) - Anime News Network
Watanabe plays Kaori Isozaki, a kind-hearted high school student, while Miyawaki plays Maki Togawa, a mysterious and unsociable transfer student. Bousman said that the series' tone borrows from both western and American films as well as Japanese&nbsp.