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Afghanistan team digitizes films saved from Taliban destruction
The Taliban systematically destroyed all the movies they could find, specifically targeting Afghanistan's state-run movie production company ... long process of cataloguing, inspecting each reel for scratches and damage and then actually watching each film.

Watch the most epic (and frightening) game of rock-paper-scissors you will ever see - JOE.co.uk
What looks like a cross between Gladiators and Battle Royale is in fact an event called ' AKB48 Group Unit Single Soudatsu Janken Taikai'. To break that down, AKB48 are an 'idol group' (think pop collective meets sorority), and the 'Janken' event in.

Quit Your Band! Musical Notes From The Japanese Underground - The Quietus
The other problem was that they would by their nature be disconnected fragments rather than illuminating the music scene as a whole in any meaningful way. So in a fit of bravado I told them, “How long do you need? Six months? I'll write you a new book.

The dark side of Asia's pop music industry - BBC News
quot;If you go to the agency, every young trainee will give you a very polite bow and there are notices with the company rules on the wall to remind them how to behave." There is also speculation that some young stars are advised to undergo cosmetic surgery.

Why it was so easy for Korea to overtake Japan in the pop culture wars - Quartz
Furthermore, from 2010 to 2011, South Korea's videogame exports increased 37,7%, according to Korea.net, and foreign rights for Korean films increased 14%, according to the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. Not too shabby, considering.

Two Japanese idol singers announced as candidates for international 100 Most Beautiful Faces list - SoraNews24
begun narrowing down the field, and has been revealing the candidates for the 2017 list. So far, a handful of Japanese women have been given the nod, including Nana Owada, who up until March of this year was a member of idol supergroup AKB48.

Japan Fair Trade Commission Ties Entertainment “Blacklisting” to Post WWII Film Industry - Arama Japan (press release)
By that time, there were 10 active film companies . The government ordered those 10 film companies to consolidate into two for financial reasons and so that they would be easier to control, until Daiei founder Masaichi Nagata counter-proposed that three&nbsp.

Can Spotify dent streaming-averse Japan? - The Japan Times
Spotify's long -awaited launch last month has industry watchers wondering whether it will make a major breakthrough in altering Japan's $3 billion music industry, where 80 percent of sales still come from CDs and other physical formats. With most of the.

AKB48 Tops Billboard Japan's 2016 Artist Ranking: See the List - Billboard
21 in video views, and proved to be a long -lasting hit, crossing over beyond the group's core fan base. RADWIMPS came in a ... In fact the figures were so close that if the tracking weeks for 2016 were merely a week off, RADWIMPS could have turned the.

Angelina Jolie’s ‘First They Killed My Father’ opens Cambodia Town Film Festival in Long Beach this weekend
“I’m am so happy to see Cambodian film moving forward at such a fast pace,” said praCh Ly, a Long Beach hip-hop artist who co-founded the festival along with filmmaker Caylee So. “It’s a whole collection of different stories and vivid tales.

2016: The year Japan said 'sayonara' to some sexist terms - The Japan Times
エイジハラスメント (Age harassment) is officially a thing and is taught in compliance classes in Japanese companies , mainly to educate the older generation of male 管理職 (kanrishoku, managers) who see nothing wrong about tapping the shoulders of female&nbsp.

Meet AKB48 - the girl band labelled too 'embarrassing' for the Tokyo Olympics - Telegraph.co.uk
It means AKB48 is one the largest pop groups in the world, and its fan base is even bigger – tickets to the group's shows are distributed via a lottery and their 23 latest singles have topped Japanese charts. It's all about 'kawaii'. Japanese girl band.

Spreading the Studio Ghibli bug in Indonesia - Nikkei Asian Review
The "World of Ghibli" promotional drive, in connection with Indonesian production house Kaninga Pictures, will involve multiple screenings at major theater chains, as well as a film festival and exhibition. ... deal of Japanese entertainment.

The 2017 Latin American Film Festival Offers Political And Personal Drama
Now in its 28th year, the Latin American Film Festival showcases the best new cinema from Latin America, as well as Spain and Portugal. Most of these films are unlikely to be picked up for commercial distribution, so this ... this years long rift is.