Akb48 so many members but one body

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AKB48 Tops Billboard Japan's 2016 Artist Ranking: See the List - Billboard
Billboard's sister organization Billboard Japan has unveiled its Artist Ranking for 2016 and AKB48 nabbed the spot for Artist of the Year. Billboard Japan's year-end Artist Ranking is based on the total points accumulated throughout the year from.

Election for Chinese idol group SNH48, spin-off of Japan's AKB48, draws record numbers as owners eye expansion ... - South China Morning Post
Many of AKB48's characteristics – in particular its fetishisation of schoolgirl imagery and an apparent focus on a meek conception of femininity – remain core to SNH48. But Japanese names for idols have been dropped for new members , and the group claim&nbsp.

'Many unanswered questions,' says son of woman found dead at Burr Ridge health club
We have so many unanswered questions right ... upon seeing his mother's body, was overcome with grief, Novak said. Novak said that Anderson noticed that both his mother's feet and one of her arms were a deep purple. Later, when a funeral home.

Stereo Kicks: when bands have too many members - The Guardian
Stereo Kicks, as they were named, were a fun idea during week one , but now it's possible that even eight people is just too big for a band. Mainly ... who they were. The fact that they've survived so far suggests the novelty hasn't worn off yet but.

Why Eating Disorders Are on the Rise in Japan - Broadly
Yesterday, Japanese doctors warned their health system is failing hundreds of thousands of eating disorder sufferers— many of them teenage girls. ... She explains why eating disorders are on the rise. " One aspect of why eating disorders are attractive.

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One of the more common services is JK o-sampo, which translates as "honorable walks with high school girls" in which customers pay to go on a stroll with a Japanese teenager. Often, those strolls end up in a so -called love hotel; many of the JK.

4 new versions of McDonald's anime shorts with AKB48 idols streamed - RocketNews24
AKB48 idol group member Yui Yokoyama, AKB48 Team 8 member Rin Okabe, and other members voice the characters. There is a different version of the short for each region of Japan, and the AKB48 Team 8 members voice Sumire in each version.

Japanese idol singer has an important request for fans: Please use deodorant - SoraNews24
It's not at all unusual for English-language recording stars to use their fame as a platform for advocating social change, but in Japan the stars of the music world generally stick to being pure entertainers. However, recently ... It's hard for people.

‘This is Halloween decoration, not dead body,’ police warn public
“Do NOT call 911 reporting a dead body. Instead, congratulate the homeowner on a great display.” Many of the department ... the Everett School District said that is one of his employee rights until the case is resolved. So far, the District has.

Lee Si Young's method of losing lower belly fat is going #2? - allkpop
SBS's ' One Night of TV Entertainment' interviewed the actress on the April 18 airing. Lee Si Young, who's known ... Lee Si Young named running as the secret to her fit body and explained, "You don't need anything but running shoes. You can run anywhere&nbsp.

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The duo say carrying on without Lisa is a "celebration of the history we made together" as one of the world's biggest-selling girl groups. But where .... But remaining members Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas and Tionne 'T-Boz' Watkins plan to release their.