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Wikipedia Founder's Warning On Cyber Security
The founder of Wikipedia has told Sky News cyber security is "incredibly ... "Sometimes they pass laws that sound good to them on paper, but we know they won't work. It won't work/it puts a lot of people's data at risk. "My view is that cyber security.

These 25-year-old headphones might be the best you can buy for under $100
What’s the goal of headphones? For me, it is, and always will be, to sound good. Frequent travelers may prioritize comfort, the trendier among us may be preoccupied with style, and more active types may need something sweatproof, but the thing that makes.

What's this obsession with transgender people and bathrooms?
It sounds good, like something all of us would want to join ... He won a Pulitzer Prize for his compositions in 1975. Wikipedia says Mr. Argento's music "freely combines tonality, atonality and a lyrical use of twelve-tone writing, though none of.

The best things on the internet don't make any money
This might be fine if not for the sad reality that these are some of the best things on the internet. These are the platforms ... destruction that pushes forward humanity. That all sounds good but it's hard to square with what's happening to the most.

10 Programming Languages You Probably Never Heard Of
So, here’s the lineup of some esoteric programming languages and a few that actually do some work. Origin: Befunge was invented in 1993 by Chris Pressey. Described as an esoteric programming language, it is quite well described in Wikipedia. An esoteric.

Could Tesla Power Its Electric Truck With Solar Panels?
Oh, that might sound like a dumb idea—but I don't think so ... The best panels [available today are around 20 percent efficient](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_panel, and they work best when the light hits perpendicular to the panel.

Some random thoughts on what watching footy means to me
I wasn’t good at them, to start. I didn’t have favourite teams ... Honestly, maybe I’m the only person who enjoys reading Wikipedia and browsing the web for the history of footy, but I genuinely enjoy it. No matter how ignorant I am of the history.

VIDEO: Watch the New AKB48 PV, “Manatsu no Sounds Good!”
After all the hubbub this week over AKB48’s controversial mouth-to-mouth candy TV commercial, what a relief it is to see Japan’s number one idol group get back to what they do best: making fan-service friendly music videos! “Manatsu no Sounds Good!”.

11 Unconventional Resources to Kick Your Historical Fiction Up a Notch
The typical resources—histories, documentaries, Wikipedia, Google—can provide facts and figures, contribute context, but a good historical needs that breath ... preferably with the sound of waves in the background and sea spray blowing across the.

A dark day for the English language: How the dullards destroyed 'Black Friday' | Mulshine
Black Friday" has a naturally gloomy sound to it. But who was the idiot ... That day varies greatly from store to store. Here's a good debunking of that false etymology. That links to the Wikipedia entry, which traces the term back to 1966: "For downtown.