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Sasha Lane On Dreams, Chilling And Changing The Industry for Oyster #111
I try and just sit there and, oh I’m going to sound like such a hippie ... little tingle of ‘OK, we’re good.’ You’re sick of talking about how you got discovered, which is understandable because it’s on Wikipedia anyway.

Shazam for Birds: Three Apps That Recognize Bird Calls
which only matters if you’re IDing on sound alone. ChirpOMatic regularly updates its databases with new birds, so you’ll keep getting your money’s worth. An okay backup when you can’t get a good recording. Only use this if the first two apps aren.

VIDEO: Watch the New AKB48 PV, “Manatsu no Sounds Good!”
After all the hubbub this week over AKB48’s controversial mouth-to-mouth candy TV commercial, what a relief it is to see Japan’s number one idol group get back to what they do best: making fan-service friendly music videos! “Manatsu no Sounds Good!”.

Phil Hippensteel on AV Over IP Cabling
Now, think about good quality audio that might be used in a collaboration session. If it operates with 22 kHz sound, the cable needs to support ... over a dozen parameters that should be measured. Wikipedia has a good description at They are well beyond.

Think for yourself! Media literacy every day
The sound was off, but of course it was closed-captioned ... our bodies handle that quite well without our thinking about it — which is good, because half the time I’d probably forget. In fact, our brains process information automatically, too.

The Good Place Creator Michael Schur on Season Two, Food Puns, and Why You Shouldn’t Expect Another Finale Twist
Anytime you see something like that, the chances are pretty good that Megan is the one who came up with it. If she were in the X-Men, her superpower would be making puns. I would see a movie about that. Wouldn’t you? I was thinking, that sounds good.

Sick James Hetfield Asks Copenhagan Crowd if They Want Metallica to Stop, Admits ‘We Don’t Sound Good’
You paid a lot of money to come see your favorite band and we don’t sound good. I want to leave it up to you, man. Would you rather hear us sound better another time?” After a low roar from the crowd, the frontman went on, “I love you too.

Letter: Kitty Corbett makes good point
If it sounds good to your base, who cares as long as it can sold as fact ... I'm curious to know how Kitty Corbett regards the illustrative figure "Boston Corbett" who one can review on Wikipedia. Must have been a black sheep of distant relations.

Were Manafort and Flynn Recruited By the Russians?
Wikipedia has a pretty darn good page on methods of spy recruitment ... naiveté could be exploited with flattery and simple financial inducements. This all sound kind of crazy, I know, but it lines up with the facts that we know. Even Trump was enticed.

Pranayraj Vangari has written a new Wikipedia article every day for the last year
In February, Vangari got married, but this was not a good enough ... in theater arts. “Wikipedia is the first door I knock on for knowledge,” Vangari says. “The idea of giving your part and contributing to Wikipedia sounds like a fantastic idea.