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See also: Cancer, the Video Game ... of disease biomarkers - they'll rush into the smaller chamber where the breath is. The cancer-detecting bees are trained by exposing the insects to the smell, then feeding them sugar, so they associate the odor with.

Japanese pop star shaves off her hair and makes a tearful public apology for staying night with boyfriend she's forbidden to have
In an emotional four-minute YouTube video, now viewed almost 5million times, she asks for forgiveness and displays her shaven head, a traditional act of contrition in Japan. A member of the popular girl band AKB48, Miss Minegishi explained she decided to.

Review: ‘Wreck-It Ralph’
In the tradition of “Toy Story,” “Wreck-It Ralph” imagines the secret lives of children ... song that explains why Ralph is so upset, as well as AKB48’s fizzy J-pop “Sugar Rush” theme) and animated in a way that incorporates the limitations.

AKB48 Sings Global Ending Theme for Disney's Wreck-It Ralph
Song also featured in November 2 film's 'Sugar Rush' game world Producer Clark Spencer said about the song, "We've always thought of Sugar Rush—with its nod to anime—as a game that may have originated in Japan. So we went to Japan and got the hottest J.

Is Japanese TV really as bad as its reputation?
Foreigners living in Japan often give Japanese TV a hard time. For many, it’s either too weird, too predictable or too obnoxious. If it really is so bad though, surely shows like "Iron Chef" and "Ninja Warrior" (Sasuke) would never have been introduced.

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Meet AKB48: Pop, sex and schoolgirl schtick make for controversial success
“Jump into your racing car; SUGAR RUSH SUGAR RUSH ... different television commercials in a single day (90). AKB48 have their own manga series, monthly newspaper and a string of best-selling video games. The Japanese government has even put them on.

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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Is A Wonderful Introduction To Japanese Pop
While the game is certainly an enjoyable experience, it’s also a wonderful introduction to Japanese pop music ... are definitely energetic. AKB48’s “Koisuru Fortune Cookie,” “Aitakatta Oedo,” or “Sugar Rush” could be solid picks too.

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