Akb48 Team A 1st Stage Rare

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Japanese girl band singers suffer horrific hand and head injuries after crazed fan attacks them with a 50-centimetre SAW - Daily Mail
Slasher attacks Japan female pop group AKB48 with saw at fan event South China Morning Post.

Heaven can wait for Japan's geriatric pop queens - Daily Mail
Hailing from the remote, coral-fringed island of Kohama in Okinawa, KBG84 -- a play on the name of saccharine teeny boppers AKB48 -- admit to being slightly bemused by their success after cutting their first disc and completing a sellout Japan tour.

Experience a One Piece Winter and Hunt for Treasure at new Tokyo One Piece Event - Anime News Network
The hands-on treasure hunt encourages participants to seek out the nest of rare animals, the "Tongari Tons", by deciphering a mystery written on an ancient document discovered by Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper. It starts November 1 with the beginner's.

What's So Gay About Yuri!!! on Ice? - Anime News Network
That might not sound all that complicated or unique by itself, and I definitely have to add the Big "But" that this answer is based entirely on visual cues rather than any direct text as of the show's first quarter. (As in, the characters have not.

Stalkers: When Affection Turns to Rage - STRATFOR
It is very rare for such an attack to occur when there was no prior contact with the target. By self-identifying at this stage of the process, these individuals provide protective intelligence teams an opportunity to identify them, conduct records.

Love Live! School Idol Festival Arcade Game's December 6 Debut, New Trailer Revealed - Anime News Network
The official website for Love Live! School idol festival ~afterschool Activity~ , the arcade version of KLab's Love Live! School idol festival smartphone game, posted a new promotional trailer on Sunday. The trailer first debuted at the franchise 's.

First Human Head Transplant Successfully Performed on Corpse, Sergio Canavero Announces
The first human transplant on human cadavers has been done. A full head swap between brain dead organ donors is the next stage,” he ... Man Dies After Rare Disease Turns His Skin And Organs Into 'Stone' Canavero said his team has managed to cut down.

The Fall 2016 Anime Preview Guide - Anime News Network
Keijo is an exciting new sport for women: competitors fight on round floats known as “Land” and must try to be the last girl standing on her feet while they try to knock each other down and into the water. The catch is that players can only hit each.

Producer apologizes for Japanese 'idol' group Keyakizaka46's Nazi-like outfits during Halloween concert - New York Daily News
Japanese girl band sparks outrage after donning Nazi-style costumes for Halloween concert South China Morning Post.

Inozyme Pharma Raises $49 Million in a Series A Financing to Develop Therapies for Rare Diseases Affecting Soft Tissues and Bone
“With strong foundational intellectual property and a multidisciplinary team of experts ... die within the first year of life. If affected children survive past six months, they are likely to continue living but develop ARHR2, a rare skeletal disorder.

WONDER WOMAN (2017): Pretty wonderful - Salt Lake Magazine
Over 70 years in the offing, we finally have a “Wonder Woman” (WW) movie, and directed by acclaimed female director Patty Jenkins (“Monster” 2003) no less, the first woman to direct a superhero film. And it's a good superhero film; easily the best DC.

Review: David Sedaris at the Eccles - Salt Lake Magazine
In this age of instant gratification, the author who can get people to read is a rare thing—let alone convincing 2,500 people to show up at a reading—but David Sedaris manages to do them one better. He gets people to pay for the privilege of seeing.

First BIte: Tradition. Meaning, pie. - Salt Lake Magazine
The menu at Tradition is half pie, and I saw a couple pieces being delivered to neighboring tables, so I curbed my appetite during my first dinner on the deck at the new restaurant by Liberty Park. I never received a press release about this restaurant.

Are Cover Versions of Anime Songs Legal? - Anime News Network
The first is that finding Japanese songs in the SongFile database can be a challenge. Everything is cataloged in ... While unauthorized uploads do occasionally get through, they're rare , and usually get caught pretty quickly. Technically, since YouTube.