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We’re doing fine….
The industry continues to gain members, make loans ... A number of these credit unions say they are too busy right now to solve their self-identified major issues because they are committed to X, Y or Z projects – which usually do not solve their major.

Mari OKADA - Anime News Network
In this spooktacular edition of The List, we have a truly hellish supply of anime from every genre of horror that you can marathon all October 31st! ― I've made no attempt to hide my affection for horror fiction of every stripe. Manga, novels, anime.

Millennials Taste The Forbidden Fruit Of Blockchain
Millennials, also known as Generation Y and Z, represent the demographic ... millennials to access an ecosystem of credit lending, that is peer-to-peer based. Meaning that rather than asking a big bank for a loan, members can borrow money from their.

Namakopuri: The inexplicable “art idol” group you will hate yourself for loving【J-Tunes】 - ROCKETNEWS24
Japan is known, fairly or unfairly, for weird music. We've introduced plenty of bands that simply produce great music and other groups that are a bit out there. And make no mistake–we love them all! Sometimes “weird” is just part of the music–after all.

‘The Walking Dead’ 100th episode special: from A to Z
Here is my take of the show’s first seven seasons from A to Z. (I will be posting “Walking Dead” items ... Dead” started in Atlanta and thanks to the state’s generous tax-credit system, AMC also chose to plant the show here production wise.

An idol song written by a comedian? “Attakaindakara” is the latest craze in Japan 【Videos】 - RocketNews24
Unfortunately, there was no video to go along with the recording. Jurina Matsui from SKE48/ AKB48 seems to have gotten really into “Attakaindakara” as well. She posted this picture drawn by Team KII captain Airi Furukawa to her Google+ page on September&nbsp.

Is AK48's Chinese sister group even cuter than the original? Our reporter thinks so! - RocketNews24
Ever heard of SNH48, AKB48's second sister group outside of Japan? Based in Shanghai, China, the idol unit has been active since 2012, releasing a total of eight singles to date. These singles are all Chinese-language covers of previous AKB48 singles,&nbsp.

Raddon Announces Annual Top Performing Credit Unions
There are 23 winners in 2017, which represent the top three percent of more than 500 credit unions analyzed ... with our members, to put them in a better financial position and help them succeed. Our business model, team culture, and partnership with.

Unraveling a fantasy: A beginner's guide to Japanese idol pop - A.V. Club Austin
To facilitate this dream, Akimoto expanded AKB48 to include over 130 members that are broken down into over a dozen teams and subgroups. This means that on any given day, various members of AKB48 can be bombarding fans .... Ultimately, what makes.

Dance! Dance! Dance! – Girl groups that “bring it on” 【Videos】 - ROCKETNEWS24
Dancing is an important element of an idol's performance even though choreography can be quite a task, especially when a group has so many members and the stage is small. One of the charms of Japanese idols is that fans can watch them develop; even if&nbsp.

Japanese boy band shakes up the music world as all nine members kiss each other in new video clip - SoraNews24
While female idol groups like AKB48 enjoy a lot of attention at home and abroad, there's a male idol group that looks set to steal the limelight with a brand new music video that features all its members kissing each other. Over and over again. The.

Sell This Investment Grade Income CEF Now
Author's note: This article was released to members of the Cambridge Income Laboratory ... along with capital appreciation Emphasizes team management and extensive credit research expertise to identify attractively priced securities Here's the fund.

Deserve raises $12m for Gen Z-targeting credit card
Experian also reports that members of Generation Z are more likely ... The Deserve team is made up of former Apple, Paypal and financial institution leaders who all experienced first-hand the value of establishing credit while obtaining an education.

Why has Japan's CD market suddenly gone into decline? - The Independent
CDs in Japan are sold on a fixed-price system (each one about £18), and Poole points to the popularity of Japanese idol pop groups such as AKB48 and HKT48, who encourage fans to buy multiple copies of the same single, for artificially bloating Japan's.

Season-defining games on tap league-wide
https://t.co/xes1xO2WDh — Sat 3:15 p.m. lebrownlow: They’ve fought hard every week and deserve credit. But Miami is a top-10 team. https://t.co/dhZztqmoCx — Sat 3:15 p.m. WRALSportsFan: RT @WRALBobHolliday: UNC intercepts Pass but it’s nullified by.