Akb48 Tenohira Ga Kataru Koto Mvd

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AKB48 Songs That Make You Cry
I cry so many times when listening to this song. This song like a poem. when I look acchan's graduation concert, really wanna cry a lot Actually what makes you cry is the moment when all akb48 members sing this song in atsuko maeda's graduation.

AKB48, sister groups perform in disaster-struck Tohoku
AKB48 and their sister groups SKE48 ... Group members performed 12 songs at each location, including their new charity song “Tenohira ga Kataru Koto.” The mini-concerts were all free.

AKB48 to distribute another charity song for free
It was announced that popular idol group AKB48 has created another charity song titled "Tenohira ga Kataru Koto" and will begin distributing it for free starting on March 8th. Previously, AKB48 released a digital charity song "Dareka no Tame ni -What can I.

AKB48′s solo concert at 48G Budokan Concert Series – Kasai Tomomi’s graduation Ceremony
Members are standing along the outer edge of the stage. Kasai is walking along them as she sings. The concert is wrapped up with the meeting to share what to improve. This is the way AKB48 does their business. Ohori Megumi: The graduation of my peers.

AKB48 becomes the first Japanese female artist to sell 30 million singles
AKB48 broke another record, thanks to the release of their 25th consecutive chart topping single “Kibouteki Refrain”. Oricon officially recognized that AKB48 has become the first female artist in Japan to sell over 30 million singles. “Kibouteki.

Negaigoto no Mochigusare
Negaigoto no Mochigusare (願いごとの持ち腐れ, "Wishful Tumbling") is the 48th single by AKB48 to be released on May 31, 2017. [1] The title song was first performed live on NCON, a traditional school choir contest promoted by NHK, and later on.

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The promotional video reveals that Mai Kadowaki, Eri Kitamur... AKB48 To Release Free Charity Song "Tenohira ga Kataru Koto" music posted by Aysohmay 1 hour ago · 3 comments AKB48 will be releasing a free charity single titled "Tenohira ga Kataru.

AKB48 Group / Free Worldwide Digital Release of a Special Song for Earthquake Charity
AKB48 Group’s charity song for the Great East Japan Earthquake, ‘Tenohira ga Kataru Koto,’ is now available for free downloads worldwide. This release is a part of the activities of “Dareka no Tameni” Project, a charity organization established.

An adrenaline-rush hour with AKB48
‘Tenohira ga Kataru Koto’, a ballad freshly released as a free download on March 8th was the closing song of the concert. The song, part of the "Dareka no Tameni" (what can I do for someone?) project, which AKB48 embarked on after the 2011 Tohoku.

AKB48 released the MV for their free charity song “Tenohira ga Kataru Koto”
AKB48 has released the MV for their free charity single titled “Tenohira ga Kataru Koto“, it was released on March 8th as part of the group’s “Dareka no Tame ni” project. Earthquake reconstruction support song “Tenohira ga Katarukoto”/AKB48.