Akb48 Too Many Members And One Body

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Aya Ueto wears 200 million yen worth of jewelry to Boucheron event - Arama Japan (press release)
Actress Aya Ueto wowed the press when she showed up to a Boucheron Paris event in Tokyo wearing jewelry worth over 200 million yen. Boucheron is a world renowned French Jewelry house that was originally founded in 1858. The most expensive items&nbsp.

JMovies: Updates, Casting news, Teasers and Trailers! - Arama Japan (press release) (blog)
FMA LA released its 2nd visual, featuring a full body visual of Edward and Alphonse that until now has only been partially shown in teasers. You can also see the familiar cross-shaped mark of Flamel's Emblem on Ed's coat and Al's left arm. A fan event.

Tomohisa Yamashita's “Breast-Like” Pectoral Muscles In Code Blue Make Headlines - Arama Japan (press release)
Many viewers were excited to see Yamapi reprise his role as Aizawa Kosaku again, and watch him interact with his numerous co-workers at Shohoku Emergency Medical Services. However ... It's been said that one of Yamapi's co-stars, Johnny's Jr. member.

Sen. Hassan to Lawmakers: Too Many Lives Cut Short 'As a Result of this Illness'
Just imagine a loved one slowly losing all sense of themselves ... Speaking up helps to break down the stigma that prevents too many from seeking help and has, in the past, made it too easy for those who could help to ignore the problem.

Japanese idol singer has an important request for fans: Please use deodorant - SoraNews24
Earlier this month, Matsumura, a member of idol unit SKE48, revealed that among the presents she receives from fans are stuffed animals with mysterious stains, which are surely tokens of affection she could do without. ... Since spray cans (like the.

Dr. Oz’s Miraculous Medical Advice
There was an inspiring testimonial from a member of the audience ... nights when you have one too many gin and tonics. The herbal remedy, according to Oz, “boosts your liver’s enzyme function, which helps to detoxify the body from excess alcohol.”.

Two Japanese idol singers announced as candidates for international 100 Most Beautiful Faces list - SoraNews24
begun narrowing down the field, and has been revealing the candidates for the 2017 list. So far, a handful of Japanese women have been given the nod, including Nana Owada, who up until March of this year was a member of idol supergroup AKB48.

Sake makers tout locally sourced rice to entice terroir-obsessed wine enthusiasts - The Japan Times
Brewery executive Kosuke Kuji brought his best sake to a New York booze showcase 16 years ago hoping to promote high-end sake to a new generation of sophisticated foreign drinkers. They were a little disappointed. It wasn't that sake from his Nanbu.

Puerto Rico Is Burning Its Dead, And We May Never Know How Many People The Hurricane Really Killed
Still, cremating a body requires written approval from the ... case that first responders were at fault in their family members’ deaths. “In a national disaster you’re one of however many and everyone is focused on food, water, life support.

Filling the void: Disseminating 'blackness' in Japan - The Japan Times
But that feeling didn't last long, because I knew that I was surrounded by like-minded people : those who've devoted their time, intelligence and ingenuity to ensuring that one day, here in Japan, that insipid justification for all manner of alienating.

Man accused of attacking AKB48 speaks in court about reason for attack - SBS (blog)
Japanese girl band singers suffer horrific hand and head injuries after crazed fan attacks them with a 50-centimetre SAW Daily Mail.

Rescuers pull girl alive from collapsed school amid frantic search as Mexico quake toll climbs to 225 - The Japan Times
MEXICO CITY – Rescuers found a surviving child on Wednesday in the ruins of a school that collapsed in Mexico's magnitude 7.1 earthquake, one of many efforts across the city to try to save people trapped in debris under schools, homes and businesses&nbsp.

Editorial: Many times, the innocent suffer the consequences
Yesterday, we had not one, not two, but three news items in The Daily OBSERVER ... never dreamed that anything like that could ever happen. And that is the problem! Too many times on the road, we all witness aggressive or plain stupid driving that leaves.

23 Hollywood Moms With Same Sperm Donor and One Crazy Vacation
Alicia Wyld, senior vp field publicity at Paramount, had five failed IUIs and IVFs (including one in which her RE transferred seven embryos at once) before finding a new RE, Sam Najmabadi, who said her body was overstimulated from too many fertility drugs.

Sunmi says she's lost 11 pounds since she started 'Gashina' promotions - allkpop
On the September 5th episode of ' One Night of Entertainment', Sunmi sat down for an interview during a practice session for her latest solo track "Gashina". Reporter Sohee of the girl group ELRIS asked how Sunmi maintains her body , and she responded,&nbsp.